SynRoad G110 Fuel cell System

Manufacturer: Sino-Synergy Hydrogen Energy Technology(Jiaxing)Co., Ltd.

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Detailed Introduction


SynRoad G110 Fuel Cell System is mainly developed for the commercial vehicle field. It adopts highly integrated solutions with SynStack GI, air subsystem, hydrogen subsystem, cooling subsystem and so on. Due to its advantages of convenient maintenance and high reliability. SynRoad G110 System is primarily applied in medium and large buses, medium and heavy trucks, dump trucks and tractors.


Technical Specifications:

Weight 198Kg
Dimensions 870x665x650mm
Fuel H2
Cooling Type Coolant
Max Ambient Temperature (in °C) 45 °C
Min Ambient Temperature (in °C) -30°C
Max Output Voltage (in V) 265V
Min Output Voltage (in V) 480V
Max Power (in kW) 110KW
Certifications IATF16949:2016


Application Areas:

Transport industry, it is suitable for medium and large buses, medium and heavy trucks, dump trucks and tractors.


Company Brief Introduction:

Established in June 2015, the Company has evolved into a leading player with dominant market position in China’s CV hydrogen fuel cell (“HFC”) space. The Company is committed to provide excellent hydrogen fuel cell products and robust system solutions, with the mission to contribute to the society by solving energy and environmental problems.In 2017, the Company built a world-leading hydrogen fuel cell stack production facilities , and passed the ISO9001:2015 and IATF16949:2016 quality system certification. Thanks to the strong independent R&D and innovation capability, high-quality and reliable products, and excellent service infrastructure, the accumulated market share of the Company's stack products has taken a leading position in the domestic market over the past five years.Adhering to the tenet of "innovation, tenacity, openness, and win-win", the Company promotes the commercialization of fuel cell technology in the fields of road transportation, rail transportation, shipbuilding, and distributed power generation through continuous technological innovation and high-quality large-scale production. The Company cooperates with upstream and downstream enterprises for a win-win collaboration, and jointly create a bright future of clean and sustainable development.


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