Beijing Jaran Hydrogen Energy Technology Co., LTD.

Address: 7F, Wu Kuang Building, Yayuncun Str, Chaoyang District, Beijing


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Detailed Introduction

Beijing Jaran Hydrogen Energy Technology Co., LTD. is a national high-tech enterprise which integrates R&D, design, production and operation, and faces the field of clean energy. Beijing Jaran Hydrogen is jointly initiated and established by Beijing Peking University Pioneer Technology Co., LTD., Beijing Huakong Technology Co., LTD., Tsinghua Professor team and Peking university Pioneer team. This is the first high-tech enterprise jointly hatched in the history of two famous universities in China.

Inheriting the gas separation and purification technology of Peking University Pioneer for 22 years, and combining with the technology of Tsinghua University Department of Energy and Power Engineering, we will build a new energy technology enterprise integrating material research and development, engineering design, equipment production and new energy operation.


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