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Detailed Introduction

Hydrogine had developed the first-generation catalyst and MEA products independently in 2017, then had self-developed and manufactured the first “Roll-to-Roll” direct coating line and automated assembling production line in China in 2019. Since then, Hydrogine has completed the full production processes from catalyst materials, membrane electrode design, CCM coating and MEA assembling.

Hydrogine has established four facilities so far for R&D and production in Suzhou, Changshu, Shanghai and Henan.  The facilities are in total 10,000 sqr. meters with three class 10,000 cleanrooms where are two catalyst production line (capacity of 2,000 kg/year), 2 production lines of  automatic direct CCM coating and MEA assembling. The total production capacity of MEAs is 2 millions pieces per year.


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