Hydrogen powered tricycle

Manufacturer: Sustainable Electrified Energy Expert Tech Co., Ltd.


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Detailed Introduction


SeePack Hydrogen powered tricycle, the main source of energy is hydrogen energy, hydrogen and oxygen catalyzed by the proton exchange membrane to generate electricity for electric vehicles.The power system integrates fuel cell control, DC/DC control, and lithium BMS management. The system adopts optimized energy distribution control strategy to quickly respond to load power changes. With fault protection and diagnosis function, support fault recovery and shutdown recovery; The system has reliable firmware upgrade and supports software version upgrade.

  • High power output, large quantity storage, fast power response, strongpower;
  • Long endurance, the highest mileage can reach 110km;
  • Extremely convenient hydrogen bottle replacement;
  • Complete system failure protection function;
  • Integrated display design, the original electric vehicle display screen candisplay the system power and remaining power.


Technical Specifications:



2890mm x1000mm x 1695mm

Wheel base



255 kg( without battery )

Maximum design speed

51 km/h


80km ~ 110km

Energy consumption per 100 km

3.7 kWh

Electric drive

Motor form

Permanent magnet

Rated speed

60 V

Rated continuous output power

800 W

Undervoltage protection value

50 ± 0.5 V

Overcurrent protection value

25 ± 1 A


Battery Type

Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Rated voltage

50 – 65 V

Rated output

800 W

Hydrogen capacity

10 L ( 35Mpa )


550 Wh / 3790 Wh

Cooling system

Air blast cooling


Operation temperature

-5 ~ 40 ℃

Operation temperature

20~95% RH, No Condensation

Storage temperature

-5 ~ 45 ℃

Noise level

≤ 60dB


Company Brief Introduction:

Sustainable Electrified Energy Expert Tech Co., Ltd. (SeeEx TECH) was founded in June of 2021. The advanced architecture and unique competitive advantages of the novel integrated fuel cell structure have attracted many experts to join in, and company with a team of more than sixty people was established. The integrated control architecture revolutionized the hydrogen-electric system from Paradigm 1.0 (distributed) to Paradigm 2.0 (Integrated) at both software and hardware levels. It advanced the progress of cost reduction and efficiency increase for the hydrogen-electric system. With this efficient architecture, a standardized fuel cell module system was formed, which can cover many power levels and satisfy multi-scenario applications.


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