Alkaline Water Electrolysis System of CPU Hydrogen Power Technology meets the EU requirements and passes CE Certification



The 5-1,000 Nm3/h alkaline water electrolyzer and water electrolysis system of CPU Hydrogen Power Technology Co., Ltd successfully passed the EU Certification recently.


CPU Hydrogen Power Technology meets the rules and regulations for selling and transporting its water electrolysis system in EU counties and other countries that recognize EU CE certification after CPU Hydrogen Power Technology obtained the CE Certification, which means the product complies with EU regulations and the safety capability has reached advanced level round the globe.


Contribute to large scale hydrogen production


CPU Hydrogen Power Technology (Suzhou) Co., LTd. offers distributed onsite hydrogen production solutions consists of elctrolyzer, separation frame, auxiliary equipment, rectifier cabinet, control cabinet etc.


The electrolyzer is recognized as the heart of the entire hydrogen production system, which is used to separate water into hydrogen and oxygen. The electrolyzer structure applies advanced pressure filter type, consists of multiple cells which are regularly stacked into the electrolyzer body. The electrolyzer is made of new integrated bipolar plate to minimize the ohnic loss of the electronic conductor. The working pressure can reach 1.6 mpa.


The separation frame is the “main artery” of the entire system, where gas-liquid separation, washing and cooling, lye filtration, pipeline valves and instruments are all integrated.The whole frame of CPU hydrogen production system is painted by electrophoresis with strong weather resistance, corrosion resistance and edge and corner corrosion resistance.


The control cabinet is the "brain" of the entire hydrogen production system and the command center to realize the function of the whole system. 


The control part is mainly completed by PLC, with the function of one-button start and stop, data collection and monitoring, realizing a wide adjustment range from 20%-110%, contribute the system to produce hydrogen with the highest efficiency and lowest life cycle cost.


All recorded indicators of the water electrolysis system exceed industry standard after more than 170 hours of full verification. The hydrogen purity reaches 99.99% and the oxygen purity exceeds 98.5% under the current density of 2500 A/㎡ and DC energy consumption of 4.3 kwh/N.


About CUP Hydrogen Power Technology (Suzhou) Co., LTd


CPU Hydrogen Power Technology(Suzhou)Co.,Ltd is located in High-speed Railway New Town, Xiangcheng District, Suzhou, specializes in the R&D, manufactures and sales of water electrolysis hydrogen production equipment.  


The company has gathered senior professionals in electrochemistry, materials, mechanics, chemical industry, automation and control, and is strong in the R & D of the core components and the design of the electrolyzer.  


The factory is on 6,000 m2 of surface and will build a modern plant of 38,000 m2 by the end of 2022, plans to establish 500MW alkaline electrolyzer capacity and will be expanded to 1GW in the future. 


CPU H2 has actively introduced a number of hydrogen production and hydrogen energy application industry experts. The team has strong technical strength in the research and development of electrolyzer core components and electrolyzer design. The company has complete independent intellectual property rights, standard development process and perfect quality management system.


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