Hydrogenpro Confirms FEED Study With Fortum and SSAB At 700MW Factory, Green Hydrogen For Steel Production




HydrogenPro confirms FEED study with Fortum and SSAB at 700MW factory, green hydrogen for steel production.


Hydrogen Pro is participating as part of Fortum’s FEED study , launched earlier this year. Fortum, a Nordic energy company from Finland, and SSAB, a Swedish specialized steel producer, are to explore the possibilities of producing direct reduced iron with green hydrogen in Raahe, Finland. Fossil-free sponge iron is an important step on the road to decarbonize the steel industry.


The launched FEED study includes exploring the possibility of a hydrogen production plant with a capacity of 700 MW. HydrogenPro’s part of the FEED study is at least 200 MW. The study is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2024, with the following FID expected in the second half of 2024.


Jarle Dragvik, CEO of HydrogenPro, said:


We are pleased to announce that we are part of this FEED study, manifesting HydrogenPro’s strong position within the green hydrogen space in Europe.


“Supplying our leading large-scale electrolyser technology to an all-Nordic project is very exciting, and we hope that the Nordic region will be a leading player in the hydrogen world in the futur.”


He continues: “The steel industry is considered one of the six hard-to-abate sectors on the road to a low-carbon society, and we are proud to partner up with Fortum and SSAB to further explore how green hydrogen can contribute to the decarbonization of steel production”.


This is the second FEED study reported by HydrogenPro in the last month, and the company’s ongoing FEED studies constitutes now more than 1.2 GW.



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