Alfa Laval Launches Alfanova GL50, The First Heat Exchanger Developed Specifically for Fuel Cell Systems


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Fuel cells will play an important role in the global transition to green energy. By unleashing the energy stored in hydrogen and derivatives such as ammonia, methanol, and methane, fuel cells can accelerate decarbonization of hard-to-abate sectors like shipping and heavy industry.


The key to viability is maximized system efficiency and minimized energy losses. Introduced at the Alfa Laval Net-zero launch event, AlfaNova GL50 is the first heat exchanger developed specifically for fuel cell systems.


High efficiency for the green energy value chain


Malgorzata Moczynska, President, Business Unit Brazed & Fusion Bonded Heat Exchangers, said:


More and more carbon-neutral fuels are being created through power-to-X processes.


“Fuel cells provide X-to-power conversion without combustion.”


“To get the most out of these fuels, you must minimize energy losses at every step. This is the role of the AlfaNova GL50 heat exchanger – it helps fuel cell manufacturers achieve full system potential. It’s all part of our efforts to accelerate decarbonization.”


A new focus area


Alfa Laval is committed to supporting the scale-up and commercialization of carbon-neutral energy systems. The company offers a wide range of technologies that are relevant for fuel cell manufacturers and other applications across the hydrogen value chain. The launch of AlfaNova GL50 represents a strengthened focus on fuel cell requirements.


Tue Johannessen, Vice President, Business Development Fuel Cells and Energy Storage, said:


The time is right.


“There is a growing demand for net-zero solutions. We know that fuel cells are more costly than conventional engines, but the high efficiency of fuel cell systems makes them very attractive. If you can cut the total system cost even further, you enhance the viability of your solution.”


“With our cutting-edge innovations, high-volume manufacturing and global infrastructure, we are the ideal partner for the fuel cell industry. We provide the right solutions at the right cost level. The AlfaNova GL50 is one of many steps in this direction. We are working on several other innovations – so stay tuned.”


Exceptional performance at extreme temperatures


The AlfaNova GL50 was first showcased at the Alfa Laval Net-zero launch event in mid-February 2023. Featuring patented AlfaFusion technology, AlfaNova heat exchangers are known around the world for their robustness and ability to handle the most demanding applications.


The new AlfaNova GL50 is an asymmetric gas-to-liquid plate heat exchanger, made from 100% stainless steel. It handles gas flows up to 250 m3/h and inlet gas temperatures up to 750°C with exceptional performance. This makes it an optimal choice for fuel cell systems, as well as applications such as waste heat recovery, biogas post-treatment, and cooling of hydrogen from electrolyzers.


A compact powerhouse


“It is small enough to hold in one hand, but the AlfaNova GL50 gets the job done with very low pressure drop,” says Tue Johannessen.


“The ability to condense water vapor makes it ideal for systems where fuels such as ammonia or methanol require reforming.”


This is an important step in Alfa Laval’s dedicated, long-term effort to support the fuel cell industry with highly efficient, industrial-scale solutions.


Source:Hydrogen Central


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