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Cummins is concentrating on three important areas for hydrogen as a consequence of acquisitions and investment: the generation of green hydrogen, the management and transportation of hydrogen, and the use of hydrogen in engines and fuel cells.

The fourth-generation fuel cell engine, which offers higher power density, economy, and durability while producing zero greenhouse gas and zero criterion air pollutants, was on display at Con Expo by Accelera, the new brand for Cummins’ New Power business unit.

For heavy-duty off-highway applications, it comes in single 150 kW and twin 300 kW module engine configurations.
Moreover, Cummins showcased their M15H hydrogen engine, which has a top rating of 530 horsepower (395 kW) and a peak torque of 2600 Nm and is intended for excavators, wheel loaders, drilling rigs, road planners, milling machines, and air compressors.

In our view, fuel cells and hydrogen engines are complementary power sources that give clients options based on where they are in their journey toward carbon neutrality. The commercialization of hydrogen engines will also hasten the development of hydrogen infrastructure to facilitate the wide adoption of fuel cell powertrains. Off-Highway Engine Business Vice President of Cummins, Antonio Leitao

The most recent NMC battery, the BP95E, which has a long life and quick charging times, was also on show at Con Expo. Compact equipment, especially used in urban settings, might use the battery. Due to its modular construction, it may be resized to accommodate a variety of installations depending on how the energy and packaging need to change.


Source:H2 Energy News


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