Absolut Vodka and Ardagh Group Co-Invest in Hydrogen-Fired Glass Furnace in a Global Spirits Industry First



STOCKHOLM — Absolut Vodka is to become the first global spirits brand to move to a partly hydrogen energy-fired glass furnace for large-scale production in a significant step to reduce the CO2 emissions from making its iconic bottles. The hydrogen initiative is an important milestone for Absolut Vodka in becoming completely CO2neutral by 2030. A prerequisite for being able to meet this goal is in reducing the carbon footprint of its glass packaging.


Absolut has signed an agreement with Ardagh Glass Packaging in Limmared, a subsidiary of Ardagh Group, to use this partly hydrogen-fired furnace commencing in the second half of 2023. The pioneering collaboration will accelerate the transformation of the global glassmaking process for a more sustainable future.


Absolut has been a partner with Ardagh’s Limmared glassworks in Sweden for 40 years, which currently uses a combination of natural gas and electricity to power its furnaces. From the second half of 2023. Ardagh will launch a pilot in its Limmared plant replacing 20 per cent of its natural gas with green hydrogen to manufacture all of Absolut’s bottles across its portfolio. This means a full-scale change of the continuous production of Absolut bottles for all markets globally. The hydrogen will be produced onsite at Ardagh by using renewably sourced electricity.


Absolut owns one of the world’s most energy-efficient distilleries. It has 98 per cent fewer emissions than an average distillery and has built up a surplus of emission rights as a result. The intent is to use these to invest in green transformation.



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