BMW Korea Introduces Hydrogen-Powered IX5 Hydrogen SUV Pilot Model



BMW Korea recently unveiled its innovative hydrogen-fueled SUV, the iX5 Hydrogen, built upon the cutting-edge fifth-generation eDrive technology.


The pilot model boasts an impressive 401 horsepower, achieving 0-100 km/h acceleration in under 6 seconds. The hydrogen tank can be fully charged within 3-4 minutes and can store roughly 6 kilograms of hydrogen, allowing the SUV to cover around 500 kilometers on a single charge.


BMW’s persistent efforts in hydrogen fuel cell technology are exemplified by the iX5 Hydrogen, demonstrating the company’s dedication to eco-friendly energy solutions. The SUV incorporates a range of sophisticated features, such as an intelligent energy management system that optimizes energy consumption and promotes a sustainable power supply.


Additionally, BMW has participated in numerous research endeavors, including the Hydrogen Mobility Europe project, aimed at establishing the viability of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles for public transport.


As the world focuses on decreasing carbon emissions and achieving carbon neutrality, BMW’s strides in hydrogen fuel cell technology will be pivotal in the shift towards sustainable transportation. The iX5 Hydrogen signifies a substantial advancement in BMW’s pursuit of alternative fuel vehicles. The company is expected to continue investing in and refining this technology in the years ahead.




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