Hydrexia Energy Technology Rolls out Industry-Leading Hydrogen Storage and Distribution Trailer


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Hydrexia Energy Technology (China) (Hydrexia), a leading integrated hydrogen technology solution provider in China with extensive global reach, announced that it has officially launched its pioneering Metal Hydride Trailer (MH-100T) for hydrogen storage and distribution. The rollout of the first generation of the trailer marks a major technology breakthrough that will significantly help promote hydrogen technology in the fast-growing global market.


As a first-of-its-kind innovative MHx solid-state hydrogen storage and distribution product in the industry, the newly released trailer uses magnesium-based alloy as the material for hydrogen storage. While reducing transportation cost, it significantly enhances transportation safety and distance. Key features of Metal Hydride technology include:


  • Large solid-state hydrogen storage capacity (1 ton)


  • High hydrogen storage density (6.4%wt)


  • Low operating pressure (Under 12 bar)


  • High hydrogen purity (99.999%)


  • Long lifetime (3,000 cycles without performance reduction)


  • Stable transport under ambient conditions (temperature & pressure)


  • Zero gas losses during transportation


The new trailer effectively reduces the bottleneck of the hydrogen storage and distribution industry. It is well suited for a wide range of application scenarios including energy storage & power supply, chemical industry, metallurgical industry, and hydrogen refueling stations. The standard design of the 40-foot container on the trailer makes it easy to be distributed by road, railway, and ocean.


Alex Fang, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Hydrexia, said:


The rollout of our new trailer fully reflects and draws from our years-long R&D commitment and capability.


“We are very excited about launching this industry enabler which, I believe, will benefit the overall hydrogen industry.”


“Our MHx technology for hydrogen storage and distribution lays a solid foundation for the future development of the hydrogen industry. It will further solidify Hydrexia’s global market position as a frontrunner,” Fang continued.


As an integrated hydrogen technology solution provider, Hydrexia is committed to serving the needs of the hydrogen industry chain. To date, the company has established significant business presence in various major cities in China and international markets, with its technology solutions and products gaining increasing traction in a wide range of industry verticals.


About Hydrexia


Hydrexia Energy Technology is a leading integrated hydrogen technology solution provider in China with extensive global reach. The company specializes in providing technology solutions for hydrogen production, storage, distribution, and utilization. Leveraging its solid R&D capabilities and industry-leading technology, Hydrexia aims to effectively address the technology and application needs in the global hydrogen eco-system.


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