Fuel Cell Humidifier(5-240KW)

Manufacturer: Shenzhen Extender Co.,Ltd.


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Validated by 100 partner applications,Support customization and integrated development.


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Shenzhen Extender was established in 2014, and has dedicated to the R&D and manufacturing PEM Fuel cell humidifier and deionizer. One of our advantages is we built the world’s first automatic production line of fuel cell humidifier. Besides, the core material of our humidifier was independently developed and manufactured by our technical team. Our main products includes: fuel cell humidifier(5-240KW) and deionizer(5-250KW).


Our products have undergone plateau, extreme temperature and high humidity tests in vehicles with excellent performance, and we have more than 100 famous partners around the world, which includes: Sinoenergy, FTXT, Edelman, WEICHAI,Ballard,Cummins,etc.


Szextender can not only provide high-quality and cost-effective general models, but can also provide customized solutions for all customers.


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