Pure Hydrogen Fuel Cell CHP System CarNeu-5

Manufacturer: Jiangsu HuaDe Hydrogen Energy Technology Co., Ltd

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Detailed Introduction


  • Fully eco: no carbon emissions at all;
  • High efficiency: electrical efficiency >47% at rated power and 53% max, total efficiency >92% at rated power;
  • Cogeneration: 5kW electrical power at the same time >4.5kW thermal power in form of hot water;
  • Modular design: easy operation and can be installed cascaded to larger systems;
  • Good low-temperature performance: cold start from -20℃


Application Areas:

  • Industrial Plants;
  • Small commercial business;
  • Coupled with electrolysis driven by solar and wind energy systems;
  • Households


Service Advantages

  • Provide project technical support before sales
  • Free warranty for 1 year
  • Provide after-sales remote service
  •  Paid 10-year extended warranty


Service Advantages: 

an integrated project where multi application of hydrogen is implemented: photovoltaic-hydrogen production by electrolysis-refueling station-fuel cell CHP system in Northwest of China.


Company Brief Introduction:

Jiangsu HuaDe Hydrogen Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2018.It is a National High-Tech Enterprise. It is located in Zhangjiagang City, Suzhou. It is the pioneer of hydrogen fuel cell distributed energy systems in China. HuaDe is mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of hydrogen fuel cell cogeneration systems. We provide not only gray hydrogen solutions (Natural-gas-reformed hydrogen fuel cell CHP system) that do not rely on hydrogen energy infrastructure, but also future-oriented green hydrogen solutions (hydrogen production by electrolysis of water), which is pure hydrogen fuel cell CHP system. Providing customers with fuel cells that integrate hydrogen production and hydrogen consumption distributed energy solutions.


The company's products have obtained the CE certification from TUV Rheinland in Germany in 2020, and have successfully exported products to European countries. Established a number of demonstration projects in China, such as the Beijing Daxing Hydrogen Energy Demonstration Park Fuel Cell Cogeneration Demonstration Project and the Zhangjiagang Campus Demonstration Project of Jiangsu University of Science and Technology. HuaDe Hydrogen Energy has always attached great importance to technology research and development, and more than 80% of the company's personnel are R&D personnel. The company has obtained 30 effective patents, including 12 invention patents. In December 2022, the CarNeu-5 pure hydrogen system will complete the delivery of the first set of products.


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