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Detailed Introduction


SinoHyKey offers customizable framed MEAs, with accelerated delivery schedules (of up to 300,000 m2 per year) made possible by our quick-turnaround production methods. We currently operate two MEA production lines, with another on the way:

  • A highly flexible manual line, suitable for prototyping and low volume production
  • A medium volume semi-automated line, for manufacturing tested MEA designs
  • A high-volume roll-based mass-production line to meet the MEA requirements for commercialized programs (work in progress)

Currently, SinoHyKey’s MEAs are typically of the double frame format, where a single CCM is sandwiched between two frames. This tried and proven method is a cornerstone of our company’s offerings, but we are also developing a single frame variant which will serve to reduce the amount of frame material used in an MEA, thereby cutting down on costs and simplifying the manufacturing process.


SinoHyKey is capable of rapid in-house CCM/MEA prototyping, allowing us to design and test a product that’s compatible with your applications; after taking into consideration the required output and specific operating conditions of your fuel cell stack, we can decide on a set of target parameters and configure a prototype that meets them. Employing the principles of design for manufacturing (DFM), we streamline our model to fulfill these needs at the necessary production volume and with minimal waste. After the prototype passes rigorous quality and performance assessments, we proceed with full-scale manufacturing.


When operating at 1.5 A/cm2, our MEAs possess typical power densities exceeding 1 W/cm2, with some able to reach 1.4 W/cm2; combined with exceptional longevity and extended BOL reversal tolerances of up to 120 minutes, we are proud to offer MEA products with unparalleled capabilities.


Application Areas:

Fuel cell commercial vehicles, Fuel cell passenger cars, ships, air-cooled reactors, stationary power generation, cogeneration system, standby power and PEM water electrolysis hydrogen production, etc.


Company Brief Introduction:

SinoHyKey Technology was founded in a specially developed technological zone just outside Guangzhou, China, where our 80,000 square-meter facility accommodates the design, manufacturing, and testing of CCM rolls and MEAs. Further research and development, as well as collaboration with the numerous fuel cell companies in the area, take place at our North American location in Vancouver, BC. Whether in the land, sea, or sky, we aim to provide the international market with high-efficiency, cost-friendly hydrogen solutions for all modes of transportation. Our team, led by Canadian Academy of Engineering fellow Dr. Ye Siyu, is comprised of industry experts from Ballard Power Systems and the Automotive Fuel Cell Company (AFCC) – together, we represent countless years of experience and a formidable knowledge of this revolutionary technology. We look forward to delivering clean, innovative MEA and CCM products to you for your every need.


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