HCTS-HS Serial Hydrogen Subsystem Test Bench

Manufacturer: Hyclear Technology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd


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Detailed Introduction


The HCTS-HS serial hydrogen subsystem test bench has been highly integrated to provide specialized test conditions for hydrogen circulation bump, hydrogen ejector,hydrogen injector.Which can be used in performance test of hydrogen subsystem of FCE include hydrogen circulation bump, hydrogen ejector,hydrogen injector/proportional valve. 

  • Test object can be changed according to test requirements
  • Modular design of system supporting function upgrade for different power rated hydrogen supply system
  • Self-developed software system with friendly HMI, easy operation and complete functions;
  • High automation with long time automatic operation basing on pre-configuration.
  • Redundant structure for safety with multiple default monitor and protection measures such as electrical safety and prevention, line pressure and leakage detection, high temperature warning and software function prevention etc.
  • High efficient system response performance to meet the requirement of high dynamic response.
  • The customized test condition and other loading conditions can be defined and imported easily to conduct durability test. 


Application Areas:

Performance test for air and hydrogen supply system of FCE


Technical Specifications:



Test bench structure

Metal Panel (outside)+ Aluminum alloy frame(inside)

Operation temperature

25±5 ℃

Sample frequency

≥10 Hz

H2 flow rate measurement

Range0~3000 NLPM,Resolution±1% F.S.

Output pressure regulation for H2 injector

Range0~690kPa,Resolution±0.1% F.S.

Input pressure regulation for H2 injector/H2 circulation bump 

Range0~30 bar,Resolution±1 kPa

Output pressure regulation for H2 circulation bump

Range0~690kPa,Resolution±0.1% F.S.

Relative humility control

0~100% RH,Dry/Wet gas switched easily

Dew temperature control resolution


Communication interface


Safety design feature

  1. H2 leakage monitor and alarming
  2. Over temperature and over pressure detection and alarming
  3. Emission gas prevention
  4. Back flow prevention
  5. Electric leakage and overload protection
  6. Secondary alarm protection strategy
  7. H2 and electricity separation
  8. Air tightness prevention
  9. Emergency stop button


Company Brief Introduction:

Hyclear Technology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd is a professional testing equipment and solution provider of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and parts, established in 2017, with three branches in Beijing, Shanghai and Tianjin respectively. Our costumers include fuel cell vehicle makers, test organizations, related parts manufactures, universities, research institutes and traffic service departments.


Basing on deep understanding of related standards and regulations, Hyclear makes first class products for R&D and other special needing in fuel cell test and hydrogen safety management area. We can response the changing and customized requirements with advanced research and development ability in this special area. And the Hyclear have been providing products and solution with robust reliability, good safety, high quality and extensibility.  


Our products and technology service has been confirmed and appraised by leading auto makes such as Weichai Power, Yutong Bus, China FAW Group, Dayun Automobile and etc. And the Hyclear was recognized by national third party certification service organizations which include the CATARC NEV Test Center, China Automotive Engineering Research Institute,  China Merchants Testing Vehicle Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd, Xiang Yang Da’An Automobile Test Center and Shanghai Motor Vehicle Inspection Center. In addition, we have good cooperation with fuel cell research teams from Tsinghua University , Tongji University and etc.


More details about  Hyclear Technology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd please refer to





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