SeePack-Sys1500 Standard type power package

Manufacturer: Sustainable Electrified Energy Expert Tech Co., Ltd.


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Detailed Introduction


Standard air-cooled hydrogen fuel power package is a universal solution designed for the most widely used scenarios.The power package is integrated into two components: electric control box and reactor box, including air-cooled metal plate reactor, DCDC, FCU, lithium battery module, display screen and other components; It can quickly realize the physical integration and control integration of various application scenarios.


Application Areas:

Relying on the cascaded parallel technology of electric control of air-cooled hydrogen fuel cells, it can easily expand the power and greatly expand the application scenario.


Technical Specifications:

Stack material Titanium bipolar plate
Cooling system Air blast cooling
Output voltage/current 48V/32A
Output power 1.5 kW

Electric control box:3.5 kg

Stack box:5.5 kg


Electric control box:247*208*100 mm

Stack box:240*240*200 mm

Communication mode CAN/RS485
Protection Underhydrogen, overload, overheat, short circuit


Company Brief Introduction:

Sustainable Electrified Energy Expert Tech Co., Ltd. (SeeEx TECH) was founded in June of 2021. The advanced architecture and unique competitive advantages of the novel integrated fuel cell structure have attracted many experts to join in, and company with a team of more than sixty people was established. The integrated control architecture revolutionized the hydrogen-electric system from Paradigm 1.0 (distributed) to Paradigm 2.0 (Integrated) at both software and hardware levels. It advanced the progress of cost reduction and efficiency increase for the hydrogen-electric system. With this efficient architecture, a standardized fuel cell module system was formed, which can cover many power levels and satisfy multi-scenario applications.


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