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Detailed Introduction

Yaojing New Energy is a technology company that focuses on the research and manufacturing of high-end equipment for electrolyzed water hydrogen production. The company’s alkaline water electrolysis cell uses nanoscale modification technology for the cathode secondary electrode, while the anode secondary electrode uses the metal etching technology to further increase the current density, reduce overpotentials, and improve the electrolysis efficiency while reducing energy consumption. The new nickel plating process ensures that the service life of the electrolytic cell exceed 20 years, and the new sealing gasket ensures that the electrolytic cell not leak during use, thereby ensuring safety during operation. The load adjustment range of the electrolytic cell is 20% - 120%, and the adaptability range between the electrolytic cell and green power supply is expanded through scientific algorithms and advanced energy management systems.


The company has the academic achievements in the fields of green hydrogen production, green hydrogen synthesis of ammonia, hydrogen storage and ammonia materials, materials science and ammonia electrolysis, and have been deeply engaged in technical research in the fields of “electricity-hydrogen” and “hydrogen-electricity” for a long time. The company has solved the problems of safety, stability, long-term and efficiency in the four major application fields of energy, chemical industry, metallurgy, and transportation for wind solar coupled electrolysis hydrogen production, with a focus on solving the problem of high hydrogen production costs.


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Alkaline Water Electrolysis Hydrogen Production System


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