Power Generation System/CHP system

Manufacturer: Haidriver (Qingdao) Energy Technology Co.,Ltd.


Key Words:

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Detailed Introduction


  • Support off-grid and grid-connected modes.
  • Modular integration approach, enabling rapid assembly.
  • Redundant safety design, remote OTA energy management.


Application Areas:

Petrochemicals, steel and metallurgy, data centers, and critical equipment


Technical Specifications:

Power Supply Power 100kW
Output Voltage AC400V (off-grid/grid-connected)
Efficiency >45%
Heat Supply Rate of Hot Water Flow 80L/min
Hot Water Temperature 60℃
Environment Operating Temperature -20~45℃
  Storage temperature -30~55℃
Overall efficiency ≥85%


Company Brief Introduction:

Haidriver is dedicated to the mission of “Providing convenient and clean energy for all ”. We specialize in two major domains: water electrolysis and fuel cells, offering advanced products and solutions. Haidriver has established three core products - fuel cell systems, power generation systems, and hydrogen generator - accompanied by a comprehensive service system.

Our team consists of experts from the Chinese Academy of Engineering and Tongji University, along with passionate and creative doctors and masters. They are dedicated to continuous innovation, exploring cutting-edge technologies, and leading Haidriver at the forefront of the technological landscape.


Haidriver will continue to uphold the principles of innovation, collaboration, and sustainable development. Whether in the fields of transportation, industry, or energy, we will provide  high-quality products and solutions, contributing to the creation of a cleaner and more sustainable future.


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