Beijing International Hydrogen Technology & Equipment Exhibition


March 25-27,2024


China International Exhibition Center

Activity form:


Hydrogen, as an efficient, clean and sustainable “carbon-free” energy, has gained worldwide attention, dubbed as the 24 rd-century energy source. Globally, over 30 countries and regions including China, US, Japan, Korea, Canada and EU members, etc. in recent years have developed roadmap for Hydrogen growth. In view of our national latest energy strategic development landscape, hydrogen energy will have been accounted for 10% - 15% of China's terminal energy system by 2050, constituting a most significant part of our energy strategy.


In China, there have been nearly 30 provinces (including prefecture level cities) incorporating Hydrogen Industry into the 14th Five-Year Plan with Policy Guidance surpassed 150 drafts. Meanwhile, the industry has gained preference by financial institutions since 2024, and the Hydrogen-craze are increasingly heating up to attract their investments. Expectedly the total investment would exceed CNY 300 billion by 2024, making stride to a value of trillion industry, as the country are ramping up efforts in terms of policy mechanisms.


Therefore, under such circumstance, HEIE2024, organized by Beijing Zhenwei Exhibition Co., Ltd., will be held through March 25-27,2024 at New China International Exhibition Center, Beijing. The event covers key areas including Hydrogen Production, Storage, Hydrogen Refueling, and Monitoring; Fuel Cells System & Application Achievements; Fuel Cell Key Components and Hydrogen Fuel Vehicles, etc., aiming to build a top international platform for technological exchanges and innovations in the holistic Hydrogen industry chain. 


Exhibits Scope:

  • Hydrogen Production & Supply
  • Hydrogen Storage &Transportation
  • Hydrogen Fuel Vehicles
  • Fuel Cells System & Application
  • Fuel Cell & Key Components
  • Hydrogen Refueling Station Equipment
  • Hydrogen Liquefaction Plant
  • On-Board Hydrogen Supply System
  • Cryogenic Liquid Pump
  • Gas Measurement and Analysis Instruments
  • Patents & Results Transferring of Hydrogen Energy
  • Emergency Protection & Labor Protection
  • Hydrogen Demonstration Zones, Academies, Colleges and Research Institutes
  • Fire Alarm Equipment & Industrial Security System



  • Raw Space:3,200Rmb/Sqm(Mini.36sqm) 
  • Standard Booth:CNY 30,000/9SQM (W1\W2); Regular size: 3m×3m. Standard Booth Includs:Back & inside walls, carpet, lintel board, one consulting table, two chairs, two lights and one power socket (220V, 5A).




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