Huge Step Taken Towards 1 Gw Hydrogen Plant in Esbjerg




H2 Energy, the Swiss green hydrogen company took a huge step towards the final investment for a massive 1 GW hydrogen plant in Esbjerg, Denmark, which is slated to be the world’s largest hydrogen factory by 2027.


This investment decision speaks volumes about the future of hydrogen as a clean energy solution which COWI supports by carrying out the front-end engineering design (FEED). The FEED will define all the technical aspects of how the hydrogen plant should look, and how it best ensures optimal and safe operation.


“H2 Energy has made the bold decision to kick off the design phase of one of Europe’s largest hydrogen production facilities, which sends a clear sign that commercial actors are ready to commit to the next phase of the green transition. COWI wants to see the transition pick up speed, so we’re immensely proud that H2 Energy has entrusted us with an important role on this key project,” says Klaus Winther Ringgaard, Senior Vice President of COWI’s Energy unit.


The recent political agreements between Denmark and Germany on hydrogen connection have paved the way for the project’s realization, and it’s evident that H2 Energy is willing to take the plunge to be at the forefront of the hydrogen revolution.



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