Gen2 Energy and Provaris to develop a hydrogen supply chain in Norway




Gen2 Energy and Provaris have signed a collaborative agreement to develop a large-scale European hydrogen supply chain.


The two companies will conduct a comprehensive prefeasibility study to determine the technical and economic viability of producing and supplying compressed green hydrogen.


The hydrogen will be produced in Åfjord, Norway, to European ports via Provaris’ marine storage and shipping solution.


Due to the Åfjord site having access to low-cost renewable energy and industrial infrastructure, it’s an ideal site for large scale production of green hydrogen and the seaborn supply of hydrogen to key European ports.


Gen2 Energy signed the agreement for the long-term lease of the Åfjord site last year (2022), securing the 41-acre Monstad Haveneområde industrial site to build a hydrogen production site on and gain access to quay facilities for the export.


Jonas Meyer, CEO of Gen2 Energy, said, “We are following closely the development of different transport solutions for hydrogen, both on sea and rail.


“Undertaking a prefeasibility study with Provaris on seaborn transport of compressed hydrogen on their GH2 carriers will give us a good opportunity to learn more about bulk transport of hydrogen. We want to be in front when it comes to effective and safe supply of large volumes of green hydrogen from Norway to Europe.”


The prefeasibility study undertaken will include the hydrogen production and compression, the export and import terminals for loading and unloading the GH2 carriers, GH2 carrier fleet optimisation, such as storage, prospective offtake parties and economic models and schedules for the project.


Martin Carolan, CEO of Provaris Energy, said, “This collaboration will benefit from the synergies of Provaris and Gen2 Energy’s approach to using compression as an energy efficient carrier for green hydrogen.


“It can also demonstrate Norway’s role in delivering bulk-volumes to ports in Europe that are requesting a simple and flexible solution to import pipeline ready, gaseous green hydrogen to meet the REPowerEU ambitions for 10 million tonnes by 2030.”


The H2Neo received Design Approval in December (2022) and is intended to be utilised in the Åfjord project.


The agreement is non-exclusive and both companies can discuss and enter into collaboration with other parties linked to the project in Åfjord and Provaris’ hydrogen carriers.



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