Trina Hydrogen Released its first 1,000 Nm3/h ALK Hydrogen Production Equipment



December 19, 2022: The first set of 1,000 Nm3/h alkaline water electrolysis hydrogen production equipment officially rolled off the production line of Trina Hydrogen. Many PV companies have rushed to grab hydrogen energy, while hydrogen seems to become an important strategic layout for PV companies.


The Trina Hydrogen water electrolysis hydrogen production equipment is capable of producing up to 1,000 Nm3/h hydrogen, which can effectively address the new energy curtailment problem. The operating current density has been increased by 50-75%, while the single volume has been reduced by 30% compared to traditional equipments. with the energy consumption lowing to 10-15%, the equipment cost has been reduced by 15%.


By 2023, the capacity of water electrolysis for hydrogen production will reach 1 GW, according to the in charge of Trina Hydrogen.

“High portion of new energy has put forward higher requirements for the flexibility of the power system in the context of accelerated energy transition. There are urgent needs for large amount of energy storage. The lithium battery energy storage, which is under vigorous development currently, still belongs to short-term energy storage, while green hydrogen can not only provide long-term energy storage, but also can address the new energy curtailment problem ”said Mr. Gao Jifan, Chairman of Trina Solar.


“Green hydrogen produced via water electrolysis is still two/three times more expensive than grey hydrogen constrained by the electricity cost. However, the economic advantages of green hydrogen will gradually grow, as the PV cost coming down driven by technological innovation. The green hydrogen cost in western China is estimated to be the same as that of grey hydrogen or even lower in the next 5-9 years.”


As an important part of the future energy system, hydrogen energy plays an important role in achieving carbon peak and carbon neutrality. Many major energy companies have started investing in hydrogen energy with the national hydrogen development plan. Many PV companies including Trina Hydrogen have rushed into the hydrogen market.




December 13, 2022: Chint Hydorgen and Refire Group released four key hydrogen technologies, including green hydrogen production equipmentand MW-level hydrogen for power generation system, PRISMA XII+ next Generation Fuel Cell System, SIRIUS-E fuel cell stack, and M-Pack series silicon carbide DC/DC converter. The joint venture T-H-rise Energy Technology Co,. Ltd and Shenzhen KylinTechnology Co., Ltd. also released green hydrogen equipment joint laboratory project.


It is reported that CHINT has joined hands with Refire Group signing cooperation agreement on the hydrogen energy industry chain development as well as the application of solar hydrogen storage and heat as early as last year. The fuel cell hydrogen storage power station project, designed and developed by Chint New Energy has been officially implemented in April this year.


Jiangsu Linyang Energy


In August 2021, Linyang Venture Capital Co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Jiangsu Linyang Energy Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Sunwise Energy Systems Co., Ltd.  jointly established Qingyao (Shanghai) New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. focusing on hydrogen energy business. On December 25,2022, Qingyao New Energy officially released the “Full-automatic parallel/off-grid SAK 1600 alkaline electrolysis hydrogen production equipment”, which can effectively eliminate the parasitic electrodes and further reduce energy consumption, capable of producing 500 Nm3/h hydrogen.


On November 25, 2022, Qingyao (Shanghai) New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. officially released a new product "Full-automatic parallel/off-grid SAK1600 series alkaline electrolysis hydrogen production equipment", which can effectively eliminate parasitic electrodes and further reduce electricity consumption. consumption, its hydrogen production can reach 500Nm3/h.


Jinko Power


Jinko Power Technology Co., Ltd. cooperated with Air Products to jointly promote the green and sustainable energy development based on both parties’ rich experience and leading technologies in the field of hydrogen production and green electricity in 2020.


Jinko Power Technology Co., Ltd. and Cummins (China) Investment Co., Ltd. signed strategic cooperation agreement on July 13, 2022 in Shanghai. Both parties will jointly explore the pv hydrogen production solution and develop PEM hydrogen production solutions. They will also duscuss the cooperation combining distributed pv and hydrogen production in Lingang area, Shanghai.


LONGi Hydrogen

As a global leader in photovoltaic manufacturing, LONGi established Xi'an LONGi Hydrogen Energy Technology Co., Ltd. on March 31, 2021,which marked LONGi officially entered the hydrogen energy industry. Since then, LONGi has accelerated its deployment in the field of hydrogen energy. Relying on its own advantages in photovoltaic resources, LONGi Hydrogen actively expanded the business field and has cooperated with major energy companies. The business of LONGi Hydrogen include products, equipment, technology research & development, and project operations during the entire industry chain.


LONGi Hydrogen’s first set of alkaline water electrolysis hydrogen production equipment rolled off the production line on October 16,2021, with a single hydrogen production capacity of over 1,000 Nm3/h. Three sets of electrolyzers were successfully shipped to one project site in the West on Arpil 12 this year.


Sungrow Hydrogen

As a leading photovoltaic company, Sungrow Power Supply Co Ltd started its hydrogen business quite early. Sungrow Power established dedicated hydrogen business department as early as 2019. The company has accelerated its hydrogen development pace in recent years. The first green hydrogen SEP 50 PEM electrolyzer with a power of 250 Kw in China was released in March 2021.


The wholly owned subsidiary of Sungrow Power, Sungrow Hydrogen Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was established on June 18,2021. Sungrow has cooperated with major enterprises on hydrogen energy since then.


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