SinoHytec Launched Green Energy and Transportation Integrated Demonstration Project in Zhangjiakou, Kicking off Large-scale Green Hydrogen Production



The integrated demonstration project of green energy and transportation of SinoHytec was officially launched in Zhangbei county, Zhangjiakou city, Hebei Province. The project will be implemented by Guochuang Hebei Hydrogen Energy Innovation Center Co., Ltd, a wholly owned sunsidiary of SinoHytec in Zhangbei county. As the management organization of the hydrogen industry innovation of Hebei province, Guochuang Hebei Hydrogen Energy Innovation Center is committed to the research & development of hydrogen core technologies and products, the implements of industrial policies and the innovation exploration of business models.


The integrated demonstration project will give full play to the advantages of the renewable energy industry in Zhangbei county, as well as the accumulated experiences of SinoHytec in the industry layout, scientific research and market to jointly build a national hydrogen energy industry integrated demonstration park. With the aim of exploring of “Green Dual-Wheel driven” model combining renewable energy delivery and local consumption through the green hydrogen production from renewable energy, ammonia production and large scale consumption of the integrated project, Zhangjiakou city will form a complete green industry ecosystem by supplying green energy and raw material from source. The application of green hydrogen in the fields of industry, energy, construction and transportation will be prompted while realizing efficient and high- quality utilization of renewable energy.


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