Spain & Portugal Commit to a Greener Future with Revised Renewables and Hydrogen Investments and Policies by 2030


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Spain & Portugal commit to a greener future with revised renewables and hydrogen investments and policies by 2030..


Iberia is set to be Europe’s future clean energy hub following attempts by the Spanish and Portuguese governments to accelerate the green transition.


In a move signalling Spain’s commitment to a greener future and more energy independence, the Spanish Ministry of Ecological Transition (MITECO) revealed a draft of the revised National Energy and Climate Plan (NECP) at the end of June. This draft outlined more ambitious 2030 targets for renewable energy and green hydrogen, closely aligned with the EU ambitions towards a cleaner energy transition.


Setting a significantly higher goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the draft outlines Spain’s target for renewable energy to account for 81% of electricity generation by 2030, as well as a significant rise in the target capacity of green hydrogen production through electrolysis, which has been increased to 11 GW – a figure nearly triple that of the original.


The plan details total investments of up to EUR 294 billion, 85% of which it hopes to attribute to private sources, the other 15% being from public funds. Of the total investment, 40% will be allocated to renewable energy, 29% to energy savings and efficiency, 18% to energy networks, and 12% to the electrification of the economy.


In keeping with this new draft of the National Energy and Climate Plan, Spain has also recently partnered with Italy and Morocco, as part of the European Hydrogen Backbone (EHB) initiative.


Portugal has made clear its clean energy aspirations too with ambitious new targets for renewable energy and green hydrogen production. These saw Portugal more than double its 2030 goals for solar energy capacity and electrolysis installations and up its target for greenhouse gas emission reduction to 55%, reflecting its commitment to a transition away from natural gas-fired power plants, and toward a carbon neutral future.


Organised by World Hydrogen Leaders, the upcoming World Hydrogen & Renewables Iberia conference & networking forum, taking place from 12th – 14th September at the Riu Plaza España in Madrid, testifies to the conviction behind the region’s green energy aspirations and to Iberia’s clean energy market potential, and will undoubtedly act as a facilitator for a number of future clean energy partnerships in the region, as well as a hub of clean energy conversation, debate, and learning. Top speakers include:


  • Thierry Lepercq, Founder & President, HyDeal
  • Antón Martínez Rodríguez, Chief Executive Officer, Enagás Renovable 
  • Elena González Sánchez, Director of Energy Efficiency, Acciona
  • Nuno Ribeiro da Silva, President, Endesa Portugal
  • Marcel Galjee, Managing Director, HyCC
  • Inês Diogo, Director of Environment and Sustainability, Madoqua
  • Joan Batalla Bejerano, President, Sedigas
  • Jose M Llopis, Managing Director, Spain, Smartenergy
  • Sara Piskor, Director – Strategy, Policy, and Communications, ENTSOG
  • Isabel Rodriguez de Rivera, Managing Director, Glennmont Partners
  • Maria Trinidad Navarro, Managing director, Soto Solar, and many more…

Key conference topics include:


  • National and European policy impacts on Iberia’s clean energy transition
  • Renewable energy and hydrogen projects integration
  • Supply chain and engineering bottle necks, hydrogen production and infrastructure developments
  • Evolving best practice integrating solar and wind with storage
  • Renewables and green hydrogen project bankability
  • Corporate energy users and PPAs, hydrogen offtakers, clusters and case studies… and many more…


This year’s conference also features a Pre-Conference Masterclass Day on 12th September with insightful two-hour sessions over two separate streams: one hydrogen focused stream delving deeper into project development, bankability, and the Iberian region developments, and one renewables stream focusing on PPAs, batteries and storage, and talent acquisition.


The last Early Bird Prices to attend World Hydrogen & Renewables Iberia are expiring on Friday 18 August.


Book a delegate pass here by Friday 18 August to save €1000 on your access. To view the full conference programme and all event features, download the brochure hereView the freshly published event attendee list here.


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