Santander UK partners with methane-to-hydrogen and graphene company, Levidian


Banking major, Santander UK, has today (November 24) announced a new partnership with UK-based methane-to-hydrogen and graphene innovator, Levidian.


The new collaboration is hoped to offer new opportunities for the deployment of Lividan’s LOOP technology across Santander UK’s own office footprint, as well as the possibility to support UK businesses in their transition to a low-carbon economy.


Levidian’s LOOP technology uses a low-temperature and low-pressure process to crack methane into hydrogen and carbon, without the need for catalysts and additives, allowing hydrogen and graphene to be used in other processes.


Last week, on November 15, Levidian announced its first UK deployment, which as part of a new collaboration, would see its LOOP10 system installed at Eco Group’s headquarters in Annan, Scotland.


Commenting on the new partnership, John Hartley CEO of Levidian, said, “This is an exciting opportunity to use the Levidian LOOP to deliver meaningful decarbonisation both within Santander UK and through its sponsorships and partnerships. Santander has set ambitious goals and we look forward to collaborating with a partner committed to decarbonisation.”



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