Everfuel – Her Majesty The Queen of Denmark visits the starting point of the Danish PtX Adventure




Everfuel – Her Majesty The Queen of Denmark visits the starting point of the Danish PtX adventure.


Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II visited HySynergy – the place where the Danish PtX adventure begins.

During the royal summer cruise, Her Majesty The Queen is visiting Fredericia. Denmark’s initial steps into the PtX adventure have prompted a visit from HM The Queen to the PtX facility, HySynergy, much to the delight of the companies behind the project and their employees.


Jacob Krogsgaard, the CEO at Everfuel said:


It is a great honour to have Her Majesty visit our hydrogen production facility in Frederica, which is quite unique even on an international scale.


“HySynergy is showing the way to the future as an incremental step in the green transition. We are proud to have the opportunity to showcase how close we are to producing hydrogen in scale to The Queen,”


One of the unique features of the plant, is that a significant portion of the produced hydrogen will be transported by pipe a few hundred meters into Crossbridge Energy’s refinery. Here, the green hydrogen will be used in the production of liquid fuels and thus reduce the climate footprint.


Finn Schousboe, the CEO of Crossbridge Energy Fredericia said:


We stand on the threshold of a new era in the energy sector, where hydrogen becomes the key to producing green fuels for sectors where electrification is not straightforward.


“As a refinery, we have an important task in delivering tomorrow’s energy solutions. With the HySynergy collaboration we have taken the first major step,”


According to Everfuel and Crossbridge Energy, all the prerequisites are in place for the continued collaboration between the two companies to deliver significant CO2 reductions and lay the groundwork for another Danish export adventure.

HySynergy is developed in collaboration with Everfuel, Crossbridge Energy Fredericia, Aktive Energi Anlæg (AEA), Trefor Elnet, Energinet, TVIS and EWII.



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