Ministry of Science and Technology Approves National Key R&D Program Project Key Technologies and Demonstration of a 10 Megawatt-class Alkaline-PEM Hybrid Hydrogen Production System


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January 17th 2024, the National Key R&D Program "Hydrogen Energy Technology" sub-project "Key Technologies and Demonstration of a 10 Megawatt-class Alkaline-PEM Hybrid Hydrogen Production System," spearheaded by the State Energy Group's Guohua Investment (Hydrogen Energy Company), officially received the project approval document from China's Ministry of Science and Technology, advancing to the implementation stage.


Establishing an electricity-hydrogen synergy system is a significant strategy for expediting the large-scale development of renewable energy. The current hydrogen production routes via either alkaline water electrolysis (ALK) or proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrolysis face challenges in meeting the combined needs of cost-effectiveness, reliability, and scalability. This project intends to exploit the synergistic benefits of ALK and PEM technologies. It focuses on critical scientific issues such as the behavior of energy and material flows in a hybrid hydrogen production system under broad power fluctuations, mechanisms for cross-temporal and spatial scale cooperative optimization, and understanding the performance degradation and failure mechanisms of the hybrid system under random fluctuations. The project's objective is to develop a cost-effective, highly reliable, and large-capacity ALK-PEM hybrid hydrogen production system suitable for broad power fluctuations.


The project is led by Guohua Investment (Hydrogen Energy Company), in collaboration with its Hydrogen Energy Research Institute, and involves Jia Geng Innovation Laboratory, Beijing Institute of Low-Carbon Clean Energy, PERIC Hydrogen Technologies Co., Ltd., Beijing Jiaotong University, Xi'an Jiaotong University, CRRC Zhuzhou Institute Co., Ltd., Dalian University of Technology, and the China Special Equipment Inspection and Research Institute.


Guohua Investment (Hydrogen Energy Company) is dedicated to developing the "green hydrogen energy industry chain" and "hydrogen energy innovation service chain," aiming to improve the industry's deployment capabilities in terms of scale, integration, ecological impact, and marketization. It actively engages in integrated synergistic projects within the group's chemical and transportation sectors.


The company is focused on building a "one institute, two supports" scientific and technological innovation system, leading the development of three national platforms and seven key national projects, and has progressively established a quality assessment system for technological equipment across essential segments of the green hydrogen industry chain, including the Shanghai Hydrogen Quality Testing Laboratory.


Moving forward, Guohua Investment (Hydrogen Energy Company) will actively carry out the State Energy Group's hydrogen energy development strategy of "industry foundation, application-driven, forward-looking arrangements, focused breakthroughs, innovation-driven development, and an integrative approach of four chains, alliance leadership, and ecological support," contributing to the group's ambition to become a globally leading clean and low-carbon energy technology enterprise and a top-tier state-owned capital investment company.


Source: China Hydrogen Alliance

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