RONN Inc. Signs a Strategic Partnership, the First of Seven Contemplated Hubs Expected to Be Worth $350,000,000 Within First Nations Canada



RONN Inc. signed an engagement agreement with Tobiqe First Nations Canada to build and manage a multi-purpose hydrogen production hub pilot program supplied with our hydrogen fuel cell trucks.


SCOTTSDALE, AZ– RONN, Inc. announces it has signed a strategic partnership engagement letter with Tobique First Nations Canada. to establish a hydrogen production facility, an exclusive hydrogen FCEV logistic truck dealership, and a distribution network. Mr. Ford, the company CEO, stated that this is the culmination of nine months of discussion since last September 2023 with First Nations Canada; Mr. Ford added that the engagement includes a $1,000,000 initial good faith investment for RONN Inc.


Julian Moulton, Tobique First Nations Leader, stated that partnering with RONN, Inc. to develop a hydrogen hub in Tobique First Nation presents a unique opportunity to capitalize on the growing clean energy market. This initiative promises economic benefits, environmental stewardship, and technological leadership, making it a compelling investment for sustainable future growth.


Mr. Moulton added some of his critical incentives for entering the clean energy sector:


Government Support and Incentives:
– Access to grants, subsidies, and tax incentives for green energy projects from federal and provincial governments.
– Participation in programs aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting renewable energy sources.


Growing Market Demand:
– Increasing global demand for hydrogen as a clean energy source, driven by commitments to reduce carbon emissions and combat climate change.
– Expanding market for hydrogen vehicles, supported by advancements in technology and infrastructure development.


Economic and Employment Benefits:
– Creation of new jobs in hydrogen production, vehicle sales, and distribution.
– Boost the local economy through increased business activity and investment.


Environmental Impact:
– Significant reduction in carbon emissions by replacing fossil fuels with hydrogen.
– Improvement in air quality and overall environmental health within the community


About RONN

RONN is a Hydrogen company at the forefront of sustainable technology solutions. While working to manufacture high-performance, environmentally responsible hydrogen electric vehicles, the Company has now added hydrogen production hub development to contribute positively to the planet.




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