LONGi Hydrogen Delivers 15 Sets of 1000Nm³/h Electrolyzers for Da’an Project in Jilin Province


LONGi Hydrogen

Recently, LONGi Hydrogen has successfully delivered 15 sets of 1000Nm³/h electrolyzers, along with gas-liquid separation and hydrogen purification systems. These units are being shipped to the Da'an Wind-Solar Green Hydrogen Ammonia Synthesis Integration Demonstration Project site (hereinafter referred to as the "Da'an Project").



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This marks another milestone delivery for LONGi Hydrogen following its involvement in Sinopec's first ten-thousand-ton green hydrogen demonstration project and the Xingguo Foundry Hydrogen-Rich Blast Furnace Technology Demonstration Project.


The Da'an Project adheres to the principle of "green hydrogen utilizing green electricity, green ammonia utilizing green hydrogen, and an integrated system of power generation, grid, load, and storage," providing a new design concept for the global energy transition. The project forms a closed-loop system integrating wind and solar power generation, energy storage, hydrogen production, hydrogen storage, and hydrogen utilization. By the end of 2024, it is expected to achieve an annual carbon reduction of 650,000 tons, significantly contributing to the region's and the nation's carbon reduction goals.


LONGi Hydrogen secured the order for 15 sets of 1000Nm³/h alkaline electrolysis hydrogen production systems, accounting for 38.5% of the total tender, thanks to its industry-leading electrolyzer technology and excellent product performance. This achievement not only underscores LONGi Hydrogen's recognized technical leadership in the global hydrogen production industry but also affirms its commitment to green hydrogen solutions.


Following the globally unique commercial operation of the "Four-in-One" hydrogen production system in Sinopec's first ten-thousand-ton green hydrogen demonstration project, the Da'an Project becomes the second large-scale green hydrogen ammonia synthesis project in China using the "Four-in-One" system.


Image: Longi Hydrogen



Currently, LONGi Hydrogen has the most extensive track record of operational "Four-in-One" hydrogen production systems worldwide. The company's rich experience in commercial project delivery and operation and maintenance will also serve the Da'an Project:


Providing Safe and Certified Equipment: 15 system units that meet international certification standards for safety and energy efficiency. Three sets of the "Four-in-One" hydrogen production systems will be used for ammonia synthesis (each set includes four 1000Nm³/h electrolyzers paired with one gas-liquid separation and purification unit, achieving a hydrogen production capacity of 4000Nm³/h), and three sets of one-on-one electrolysis hydrogen production systems will be used for DC microgrids.


Integrated the Latest Technology: Achieving a perfect combination of high current density and high hydrogen production capacity, optimizing a more compact gas-liquid separation framework to effectively reduce system investment. It improves hydrogen production efficiency while ensuring system stability and reliability.


Providing Supporting Equipment and Solutions for Renewable Energy Fluctuation Hydrogen Production: The products have a wide adjustment range and are compatible with both IGBT power supplies and thyristor power supplies, with fast power adjustment speed, excellently handling the demands of large-scale wind-solar hydrogen production fluctuation.


The successful shipment of LONGi Hydrogen's hydrogen production system equipment promotes the transformation of the Da'an Wind-Solar Green Hydrogen Ammonia Synthesis Integration Demonstration Project from a grand blueprint into actual production. This not only demonstrates the technological innovation and market competitiveness of LONGi Hydrogen but also marks a significant step forward for China in the field of green hydrogen and reflects the joint responsibility of Chinese energy companies in the energy transition.



Source: LONGi Hydrogen

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