Beijing First Commercial Liquid Hydrogen Refueling Station Officially Breaks Ground in Daxing Area of the Airport Economic Zone


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Air (Beijing) Hydrogen Energy Technology Co., Ltd. has initiated the construction of a liquid hydrogen-to-gaseous hydrogen refueling station in Lixian Town, Daxing District. Upon completion, the station will feature a large-capacity liquid hydrogen storage tank, two advanced hydrogen dispensers, and supporting facilities including a station building, canopy, booster pump, hydrogen dispenser, vent pipe, and fire-fighting equipment. The station will be capable of supplying hydrogen energy to approximately 300 hydrogen fuel cell buses daily, meeting the operational needs of hydrogen energy vehicles in the region.



"Currently, the project is undergoing civil construction and is expected to be operational by 2025," said a project spokesperson. The spokesperson emphasized the significant role of hydrogen energy in energy conservation and carbon reduction, describing it as an essential energy source for achieving green and low-carbon transformation. The completion and operation of this project will further promote the low-carbon transformation of Beijing's transportation energy structure, support the hydrogen refueling needs of Beijing's freight and commuter transportation, and contribute to optimizing the layout of hydrogen refueling stations.



A representative from the Management Committee of the Beijing Daxing International Airport Economic Zone (Daxing) stated that the hydrogen energy industry is a strategic emerging industry and a key direction for future industrial development. It is also an important tool for the Daxing area of the Airport Economic Zone to achieve the "dual carbon" goals, ensure energy security, and build a new energy system. The Daxing area will seize the opportunity of hydrogen refueling station construction to accelerate the development of the new energy industry, expand hydrogen energy application scenarios, and continuously cultivate new productive forces in the energy sector.


Source: This is Daxing

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