Allegheny Science & Technology Partners with ARCH2 Regional Clean Hydrogen Hub




Allegheny Science & Technology Partners with ARCH2 Regional Clean Hydrogen Hub.


 Allegheny Science & Technology (AST), a WV-based company specializing in energy, information technology, ESG, and advanced manufacturing solutions, was notified Friday that the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Office of Clean Energy Demonstrations (OCED) has selected the Appalachian Regional Clean Hydrogen Hub (ARCH2) consortium to establish a clean hydrogen hub in the Appalachian region. AST is a founding member of the ARCH2 Program Management Office (PMO), whose other members include Battelle, GTI Energy, and TRC Companies. The ARCH2 project team consists of private companies and energy technology stakeholders across the Appalachian region encompassing the states of WV, KY, OH and PA whose operations span the hydrogen value chain. 


Arria Hines, CEO of AST, said:


Clean energy – and a clean planet Earth – is vital to us all,


“The time is right to tap into hydrogen’s potential to play a key role in a clean, secure, and affordable energy future. Clean hydrogen offers opportunities to decarbonize existing energy sources along with the flexibility and scalability to meet growing national energy demand,” she noted. “This opportunity not only holds the potential for substantial economic growth, but it also elevates the Appalachian region, positioning it as a ‘one-stop shop’ for hydrogen solutions, due to its direct access to abundant natural gas feedstock, growing demand from end-users, well-trained workforce, and substantial geologic potential for carbon sequestration.”


AST will support ARCH2 by using its Hydrogen Business Unit to create sustainable practices and will provide Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) with hydrogen experience to catalyze the future with hydrogen technologies. Sustainability has become increasingly critical for AST, as it targets a balance between environmental protection and the prosperity of the communities where it operates.


Melanie White, ARCH2 Community Benefits Manager, stated:


The Appalachian region has always been crucial to our nation’s energy infrastructure. Each member of ARCH2 is wholly committed to honoring that legacy as we engage this generation’s workforce in the hydrogen economy.


“We will work hand-in-hand with our project communities to build the clean energy future.”


As a community-centric hub, ARCH2 is committed to ensuring that local communities have a voice in community benefits and that opportunities are accessible to all. ARCH2 projects will establish and support well-paid jobs, enhance workforce training programs, facilitate community investments, and channel benefits in alignment with Justice40 principles.



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