The State of Bavaria Is Adding Around 115 Million Euros to Its Funding for Hydrogen Projects



Bavaria is increasing its funding for hydrogen and battery technology projects by 115 million euros, bringing the total amount of funding available for significant initiatives in these two technology sectors to 475 million euros.


The funding was given as part of “major projects of common European interest.” According to the State Chancellery, investments in hydrogen and battery technology are crucial for a productive and environmentally sustainable economy. In total, Bavaria is involved in three strategic fields (hydrogen, battery technology, and microelectronics), each of which is supported by around 20 creative industrial endeavors.


The additional funding is meant to take advantage of the flexibility provided to the Bavarian economy by the EU and the federal government. For example, the federal government has announced an expansion of the IPCEI (“European Battery Innovation – EuBatIn”) program, which supports initiatives throughout the battery value chain, in the field of battery technology. Bavarian businesses can also express their interest in participating in the funding by February 6, 2023.


The funding is being provided by the federal states that the project participants are from. The state administration has set aside 60 million euros for this as a safeguard. In total, 175 million euros will be made available for battery technology projects in the future.


The funds already allocated will be increased by around 55 million euros to roughly 300 million euros for the hydrogen promotion initiative, which encompasses all areas from generation to transport to usage. This is significant as recent EU Commission company subsidies have been slightly greater.





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