Genevos delivers 40 kW marine fuel cell innovation for series leisure vessel application




Genevos delivers 40 kW marine fuel cell innovation for series leisure vessel application.


MadBlue Marine, who offer an end-to-end solution for hydrogen infrastructure and boat production, selected the Genevos ‘Complete H2-Pack’ of engineering solutions to onboarding hydrogen power. This included the provision of a drop-in, compact and low weight HPM-40, and engineering services incorporating hydrogen storage and supply, tailored commissioning, installation, and design engineering, including gas management and P&ID, and FMEA safety analysis.


MadBlue Marine aims to decarbonise the boat industry using green hydrogen. This ambitious project was developed by a dynamic collaboration among the founders of DH2 Energy, Limitless Marine Design and MadBlue Summit. MadBlue Marine’s key market segments include leisure boats, urban marine taxis, popular island destination transport for resorts, workboats, and CTVs.


The initial 8 metre application will achieve a total power output of 140 kW (188 hp) and will act as a demonstrator project ahead of series production for similar vessels up to 12 metres in length. Following launch in December this year, the prototype will complete extensive sea trials prior to exposition at key maritime events along the coasts of the Mediterranean and Middle East. Pre-orders of the series boat will be made available this December with delivery provisioned for Q3 2024.


“Working closely with Genevos has enabled us to accelerate on our mission to revolutionise green hydrogen boating. Together our expertise has combined to give birth to a high-performance and environmentally friendly hydrogen-electric vessel powered by renewables.


Robin Imaz, Co-Founder & CEO of MadBlue Marine, said:


We are delighted by our partnership with Genevos and their complete offering and we look forward to continuing on a bright future together.


The Genevos range of HPM solutions (15 kW, 40 kW, 80 kW) are integrated for durability with corrosion-resistant graphite stacks and IP56 rating, suitable to be installed in an engine room or on deck.


Developed as a practical plug-and-play solution to decarbonise small-scale vessels, typical applications of the HPM-40 include recreational boats, coastal fishing vessels, passenger boats such as water taxis and ferries, in addition to Unmanned Surface Vessels operating in research and surveillance.


The HPM-40 enables high redundancy to be easily achieved by adding modules to a vessel typically with a dedicated powerline to a single electric motor, such as for catamarans. This modularity further simplifies hydrogen access for clients through both the integration of a hybrid or full-hydrogen energy system.


Rebecca Sharp, Co-Founder and CEO of Genevos, said:


Decarbonising the maritime sector in accordance with climate change targets requires collaboration and immediate action. Supporting MadBlue Marine in their wholistic approach to achieving hydrogen boating aligns with the Genevos values and mission to enable clean and resilient mobility on our oceans. We are proud to be a part of MadBlue Marine actions in reducing the negative impact of boating on the ocean.



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