The New Demo Application Scenario from Tianjin Port to Hebei Officially Launched with 27 Hydrogen Trucks



January 28, 2023: The first batch of 27 hydrogen fuel cell heavy-duty trucks started on the pendulum route between Tianjin Port and Hebei Risun Energy Co., Ltd., marking the official launch of the new demo application scenario of hydrogen fuel cell heavy-duty trucks between Tianjin Port and Dingzhou City of Hebei Province. The application scenario was organized and led by Tianjin Municipal Transportation Commission, and jointly implemented by Tianjin Port Group and Tianjin Rongcheng Group.


Image:Tianjin Municipal Transportation Commission


The demo application scenario contributes to the creation of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei hydrogen fuel cell vehicle demonstration city group, effectively promotes the deep innovation integration in the hydrogen energy transportation field, accelerates the green and low-carbon transition of transportation to build a high-quality hydrogen energy industry cluster.


Image:Tianjin Municipal Transportation Commission


Tianjin Rongcheng Group has been actively created hydrogen energy transportation application scenarios since 2018. On August 20, 2021, Tianjin Rongcheng Group’s self-use hydrogen project was completed and launched, which marked the first closed loop hydrogen transportation demo application was successfully built. As of end of December 2022, Ronggang Group has successfully built one 2,000 kg/12 hours self-use HRS and two 500 kg/12 hours skid mounted HRS, put 122 hydrogen fuel cell heavy-duty trucks into operation with a total range of more than 2 million kilometers and 1897.7 tons of carbon dioxide emission reduction. Rongcheng Group plan to increase the heavy-duty hydrogen operating trucks number to 200, complete one mixed refueling station providing both diesel and hydrogen fuel service for public use to realize raw materials road transportation zero emission target. With an area of 160 m³, the complex refueling station will be equipped with a capacity of 2,000 kg/day after completed.




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