brother industries – Announcement of “PureEne” Brand Representing Efforts for Promoting the Use of Hydrogen




Brother Industries, Ltd. (President: Ichiro Sasaki) today announced that it will attach the name “PureEne” to all its efforts for promoting the use of hydrogen, including the development of fuel cells and the project for the use of hydrogen pillar pipelines.

In addition, Brother has started shipping four models under the “AC-UPS Series” of hydrogen fuel cell and battery hybrid uninterruptible power supply (UPS) as the first batch of PureEne brand products in Japan. The AC-UPS Series comprises highly durable generators that allow long periods of backup, making use of the next-generation energy source hydrogen. A decision has been made to adopt this series as an emergency backup power source at Narita Airport, an important social infrastructure.

PureEne is a brand that was launched to allow more people to understand Brother’s hydrogen-related efforts for promoting the use of hydrogen. So far, Brother has undertaken various efforts in the use of hydrogen, including the development of hydrogen fuel cells that do not emit carbon dioxide; a project that uses pillar pipelines for safe and affordable hydrogen transportation while bringing the use of hydrogen closer to people’s lives; and the supply of green hydrogen produced using renewable energy. Going forward, Brother will continue to further promote the use of hydrogen under the PureEne brand and keep undertaking constructive efforts to contribute toward the realization of a carbon-neutral society.



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