Next Hydrogen achieves energy efficiency targets for its ‘GEN2’ electrolyzers




Next Hydrogen has met its energy efficiency targets for its ‘GEN2’ water electrolyzer technology, achieving its target cell performance of 1.90 V/cell at 1 A/cm2 and 70°C. This surpasses the 2024 and 2026 performance targets for alkaline water electrolysis set by the US Department of Energy.

“Our GEN2 performance achievement is just the start of our quest to achieve industry-leading electrolysis cell performance,” said Raveel Afzaal, President and CEO of Next Hydrogen. “Our GEN3 cell development program is already yielding very promising results and exciting early progress toward our ambitious next step rapid development targets.”


Next Hydrogen’s GEN3 cell development program involves collaboration with the National Research Council of Canada (NRC). The NRC is supporting the project through its ongoing Materials for Clean Fuels Challenge program, and a team of researchers, led by Dr. Sharon Chen, has been working with Next Hydrogen at the NRC’s Energy, Mining and Environment Research Centre’s new Advanced Materials Research Facility in Mississauga, Ontario.


“We are pleased to collaborate with Next Hydrogen to help them achieve their energy efficiency objectives,” said Dr. Chen. “Our work with Next Hydrogen focuses on the design, synthesis, and characterization of advanced electrocatalysts, and the NRC’s research expertise contributes to the development of cutting-edge materials essential to building greener and more efficient technologies.”



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