Malvern Panalytical Unveils Epsilon Xline To Enable Significantly Improved Battery and Fuel Cell Production Control




Malvern Panalytical unveils Epsilon Xline to enable significantly improved battery and fuel cell production control.


Malvern Panalytical, a leading analytical instrumentation supplier, announces the official launch of Epsilon Xline, a stand-alone solution that takes the laboratory precision of web and coating control in the battery and fuel cell industry right to the roll-to-roll production process.


As we move towards a sustainable future, fuel cell manufacturers are seeking innovative technology to help them produce materials as fast as possible at constant quality and with minimized variations. The Epsilon Xline has been custom-engineered to meet these needs by offering optimized production efficiency and cost-effectiveness in the fabrication of catalyst coated membranes.


The game-changing instrument provides highly accurate materials monitoring and non-destructive in-line process control in the continuous fabrication of catalyst coated membranes.


Key features and benefits of Epsilon Xline include:

  1. Continuous monitoring and process control of roll-to-roll (R2R) coating processes: with real-time analyses eliminating the need for sampling and associated disruptions of the coating process.
  2. Precise measurement: a patented robotic arm with an ultra-fast Silicon Drift Detector (SDD) provides optimal distance control over the production line for accurate measurements at high count rates.
  3. Seamless integration into production process: Epsilon Xline supports standard communication protocols, facilitating its adoption and integration into existing production setups.
  4. Comprehensive element analysis: the instrument is capable of measuring all valuable elements of interest, including platinum and cerium, enabling manufacturers to optimize catalyst composition and loading for exceptional performance.
  5. Precision measurement of thin layers: using proven software for single as well as multi-layer webs.
  6. Versatile use in patch, continuous or multi-lane coating processes: with multiple scanning options for quality coatings, creating a better end product.
  7. Wide roll width compatibility: Epsilon Xline accommodates a wide range of roll widths, enhancing the manufacturing flexibility to meet the increasing product differentiation in the fuel cell industry.


Michel Zoontjes, Product Manager XRF at Malvern Panalytical said:


The introduction of Epsilon Xline represents a significant milestone in state-of-the-art fuel cell production control.


“With the market’s fastest SSD head compared to conventional X-ray fluorescence or energy dispersive solutions, it helps manufacturers achieve real-time insights and on-line control for high-quality production. Epsilon Xline can make a competitive difference by minimizing off-specification production and maximizing cost-efficiency, especially when working with rare and expensive precious materials. We are proud to offer this technology as a contribution to a more efficient and sustainable future in this industry.”




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