Ceres’ green hydrogen programme hits key milestone




First-of-a-kind 1-MW scale electrolyser demonstrator in final stages of commissioning  


Delivers green hydrogen at <40kWh/kg, 25% more efficiently than incumbent technologies


Improvements in performance and cost of next generation technology lays foundation for scale up


Ceres, a global leader in fuel cell and electrochemical technology, is pleased to share that its first-of-a-kind solid oxide electrolyser is producing hydrogen at partner AVL’s site in Germany and is in the final stages of commissioning, on track to reach factory acceptance testing in the coming weeks.


Ceres’ deep expertise in solid oxide technology has allowed it to prosecute an ambitious programme for hydrogen over the past 24 months. This significant technology milestone will see the demonstrator shipped to Shell’s R&D Centre in Bangalore, India, in the coming weeks to substantiate the performance, cost, and operational functionality of Ceres’ electrolyser technology.


Ceres is actively engaged across the hydrogen value chain to activate the market for highly efficient solid oxide technology in hard-to-abate, high temperature industrial processes, such as the production of green steel, ammonia and synthetic fuels, with the potential to reduce the overall capital and operational project costs by 25%.


In parallel, the release of Ceres’ next generation stack technology this year has delivered improvements in performance and cost, which will now feed through into feasibility studies underway with partners. These focus on designing the optimum architecture for 100MW+ scale system installations, essential to accelerate commercialisation and to deliver green hydrogen at the scale and pace required to reach net zero.


Dr. Caroline Hargrove CBE, Chief Technology Officer at Ceres, commented:

“Ceres’ advancements in solid oxide electrolysis technology underscore our ability to drive fast, tangible progress in the green hydrogen sector. This milestone is testament to the significant expertise within our technology team and to our ability to build strong collaborations with strategic partners to proactively shape the future of clean energy.”



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