Yanmar makes delivery of maritime hydrogen fuel cell system for Japanese passenger ship




Yanmar Power Technology Co. (YPT) has made the first delivery of its newly commercialised maritime hydrogen fuel cell system to be installed in a hybrid passenger ship.


Supplied to the MONTENA-Sea operated passenger ship HANARIA which can use both hydrogen and biodiesel fuels, utilising an onboard electric propulsion system, the fuel cell system will provide around 240kW of hydrogen-fuelled power.


YPT’s maritime fuel cell system was commercialised in August (2023), offering up to 300kW of power for a range of vessels including passenger ships, work ships and cargo ships operating in coastal areas.


MONTENA-Sea – a Mitsui O.S.K. Lines company – revealed the 33-metre HANARIA vessel was set to enter commercial service in Japan in April 2024.


Currently under construction at Hongawara Shipbuilding Co. in the Hiroshima Prefecture, HANARIA is expected to achieve a sailing speed of around 10.5 knots, while offering a carbon dioxide (CO2) emission reduction between 53-100% depend on the fuel used.


Schedules for delivery to MONTENA-Seas in March next year (2024), the ship will enter service in Fukuoka.


In 2021, Yanmar completed a successful demonstration of its maritime fuel cell system in Oita, Japan.



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