Pure Hydrogen – Taurus hydrogen fuel cell prime mover now available for sale in Australia




Pure Hydrogen – Taurus hydrogen fuel cell prime mover now available for sale in Australia.


  • Pure Hydrogen’s Australian-designed Taurus hydrogen fuel cell prime mover now available for sale
  • The Taurus is also the first HFC powered prime mover in Australia
  • New vehicle could transform Australian long haul transportation


Special Report: Pure Hydrogen has hit a major milestone with its Australian designed hydrogen fuel cell powered prime mover, the Taurus, now available for sale.


The company is a firm believer that large-scale adoption of hydrogen-fuelled heavy transport vehicles is the key to jump starting the hydrogen economy in Australia.


In accordance with this belief, Pure Hydrogen (ASX:PH2) has several agreements with customers across various markets which could see it realise its zero-carbon ambitions.


Notable examples include reaching an agreement with leading domestic waste collection provider JJ’s to supply a hydrogen fuel cell (HFC) powered side-lift waste removal truck, which is nearing completion, as well as green hydrogen supply and refuelling services.


Its subsidiary H-Drive International has received an order for two battery electric 18-seat mini-buses which are set to be on the road during 1Q 2024.


PH2 also delivered the Australian-designed Taurus 220Kw 6X4 prime mover to beverage giant PepsiCo Australia for a six-month trial earlier this year.


Ready for prime time


The company has now made the Taurus available for sale, a move that has the potential to take HFC-powered commercial vehicles into the mainstream.


Besides being the first HFC prime mover in Australia, the Taurus also offers power, acceleration and range of more than 600km while producing zero emissions.


Unlike electric vehicles, refuelling is a breeze, taking just 15 minutes instead of the hours that recharging a battery would take.


The Taurus is also designed to handle the toughest tasks and has a cabin designed for long haul driving with cutting edge features and ergonomics for a fatigue free journey.


Additionally, it uses all the components that are found in the running gear of a current diesel truck – well known components from from leading suppliers such as Hendrikson, Dana, CATL, Eaton and Jost.


This is a plus for the trucking industry as they do not have to wait around for parts as they are all off the shelf to minimise downtime.


Fuelling the hydrogen sector


Speaking to Stockhead, PH2 sales manager Clint Butler said supporting Australia’s long haul sector in transport is definitely a goal of the company.


Clint Butler, PH2 sales manager, said:


It is embedded into Pure Hydrogen’s strategic planning to build the Hydrogen Highway but to do this the trucks need to be accepted within the back to base sector.


“It will then be a matter of joining the dots – connecting one city to the next and so on until there is a full network around Australia.


“The Taurus is a zero emission vehicle that can be on the road in 9 months from time of order – try ordering an internal combustion diesel truck today and you will not receive it until mid-2025.”


Butler added that the acceptance of HFC vehicles is important as greater numbers will encourage expansion across the countryside.


Click here for the Taurus sales video.


This article was developed in collaboration with Pure Hydrogen, a Stockhead advertiser at the time of publishing.  




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