Kylin-tech: Break the electrolytic "impossible triangle", open the alkaline electrolytic innovation "ceiling"



The hottest in the field of hydrogen energy in 2022 is the electrolyzer company, which can be described as hot! In order to seize the new outlet of green power to green hydrogen under the global carbon neutrality goal, all kinds of energy companies almost "run" into the market to making new product. In 2023, the electrolyzer  link is expected to achieve large-scale production, and electrolyzer companies with technical content will also become one of the key categories for capital to "grab goods".


Kylin-tech is a dark horse enterprise standing on the cusp. In 2021, Kylin-tech took the lead in the world to launch a "ALK cost + PEM performance" all-off-grid, large-standard alkaline electrolyzer mass production product - "low cost, high capacity, fast response" to break the current electrolyzer "impossible triangle", open the alkaline electrolyzer innovation "ceiling", leading the global electrolyzer product innovation trend. With this product, Kylin-tech stands out and enters the first echelon of the world's leading enterprises of large cubic electrolyzers, becoming the global leader in the field of hydrogen production equipment and the world's leading provider of "green electricity to green hydrogen" equipment.


As a veteran of the hydrogen production equipment industry, Kylin-tech was established in 2008, the founding team has 20 years of experience in the hydrogen production equipment industry, has deep insight into the changes in the hydrogen production equipment industry and global vision, and always maintains a forward-looking and systematic technical layout. Starting from solving the pain points of the industry, the pursuit of multi-scenario, low-cost, cost-effective universal products is the product research and development concept pursued by the Ruilin team.


In 2022, the annual production capacity of Kylin-tech electrolyzers will reach more than 500MW. At present, the company has formed a full series of basic hydrogen production R & D and production capacity of 2-1000Nm3/h and has the design and production capacity of 1-1000Nm3/h PEM hydrogen production equipment.


From the perspective of technical route, Kylin-tech and thyssenkrupp's innovative ideas are close - from the improvement of materials, processes, and product structure, breaking the "ceiling" of traditional alkaline electrolyzers and walking at the forefront of the industry.


From the perspective of product verification, thyssenkrupp products have been verified in steel mills, suitable for large-scale hydrogen use scenarios such as chemical plants and steel plants, with orders on hand reaching tens of billions and a valuation of nearly 30 billion; Kylin-tech products have achieved technology and product verification in the domestic "green power coupling" scenario, and meet the requirements of large-scale "green electricity to green hydrogen" promotion. In terms of product performance, product price and capacity delivery capacity, Kylin-tech electrolyzers are currently one step ahead of thyssenkrupp.


From the perspective of technological innovation, Kylin-tech large-scale electrolyzer has the world's only high-performance product advantage: ALK cost + PEM performance. In other words, Kylin-tech products have achieved the characteristics of "alkaline price and PEM performance” and achieved global technology leadership in four aspects: current density, power and water consumption, dynamic response and small size lightweight.


The leading edge of the 4 core indicators of Kylin-tech large-scale electrolyzer is as follows:


1) The current density reaches the industry level by 2-3 times. The rated working current density of Ruilin electrolyzer has reached more than 8000A/m2, which is close to the level of PEM electrolyzer 10000A/m2, and 3 times higher than that of domestic conventional alkaline electrolyzer.


2) Electricity consumption has reached the international advanced level. At 100% load, the power consumption of Ruilin electrolyzer is 4.6kwh/nm3, which is basically at the same level as international leading enterprises (such as NEL), and better than the domestic level of 4.8-5.0kwh/nm3 standard.


3) The load range is wide, the dynamic response forms an order of magnitude lead, and the dynamic response and adjustment range of Ruilin electrolyzer are orders of magnitude ahead in the industry. The thermal standby dynamic response of 10%~110% is completed within 20 seconds, which is only 1/10 of the time of conventional electrolyzers, which fully meets the requirements of renewable energy hydrogen production.


4) Miniaturization and weight reduction


At present, the weight of 1000Nm3/h conventional electrolyzer equipment on the market reaches more than 50 tons, and the size is large, which is not conducive to installation and transportation; The volume and weight of Ruilin electrolyzer are only 1/4-1/5 of the conventional electrolyzer, which is suitable for more application scenarios and has a wide market space.


source    Kylin-tech


We believes that large-scale electrolysis hydrogen production has promoted the first wave of technological and product changes in the current round of electrolyzer development wave characterized by large-scale single-cell hydrogen production, and spawned a number of new electrolyzer products. Looking at the world, the green hydrogen equipment industry is still in the stage of verification of new technologies and new products, and the existing products cannot fully meet the needs of new scenarios such as green hydrogen, for example, 1) conventional alkaline route: low cost, high capacity, difficult to couple green electricity; 2) Conventional PEM route: It can couple green power, but high cost and low capacity. At this stage, how to explore "usable and easy-to-use" products is the direction of global enterprises to jointly innovate.


With the large-scale renewable energy hydrogen production from concept to practical application, station hydrogen production, industrial electrolysis hydrogen production and other scenarios have begun to appear, in addition to high power and low cost, the market has put forward a series of new requirements for the development of electrolyzer technology: off-grid, small volume, high stability, easy maintenance.


On the whole, Kylin-tech's large-scale electrolyzer products are unique, and the advantages of products that can be completely off-grid coupled with renewable energy power generation are very prominent. Kylin-tech is the first in the world to launch a "ALK cost + PEM performance" full-off-grid, large-standard square alkaline electrolyzer mass production product, with the characteristics of "off-grid, small size, high stability and easy maintenance", leading the global electrolyzer product innovation trend. With "low cost, high production capacity and fast response", the product has achieved the goal of breaking the current "impossible triangle" of electrolyzers and opening the "ceiling" of alkaline electrolyzer innovation, becoming a leader in the field of global hydrogen production equipment and a dark horse enterprise in the hydrogen production equipment industry, and the development prospects are very worth looking forward to.


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