First Hydrogen Showcases Fuel Cell EV with Europe and UK’s Largest Companies




First Hydrogen Showcases Fuel Cell EV with Europe and UK’s Largest Companies.


First Hydrogen Corp. (TSXV: FHYD) (OTC Pink: FHYDF) (FSE: FIT) (“FIRST HYDROGEN” or the “Company“) is please to announce twenty-one (21) fleet operators & industry specialists, from Europe and UK, attended the Company’s Track Day at the HORIBA MIA proving grounding in England. Held on Tuesday October 31, attendees included fleet managers from the grocery sector with participants from Asda and Sainsbury’sparcel delivery company DPDNHS EnglandVINCI Group, mining conglomerate Anglo American, and Network Rail. Several utilities providers including Wales & West UtilitiesNorthern Gas NetworksSGN & National Gas were also present.


The Track Day drew interest from vehicle leasing and rental companies, with ARVAL (BNP Paribas Group), Novuna, and Redde Northgate attending, along with British motor trades residual value experts, Glass’s Guide. In addition, representatives from Brit European TransportNational Windscreens & the Canal & River Trust. Participating fleets operate more than half-million vehicles (est.). Research Nester estimates the global hydrogen vehicle market size to expand at ~45% CAGR between 2023 and 2035, growing from US$1-billion to US$45-billion.


The event gave operators a unique opportunity to get behind the wheel of the Company’s hydrogen-fuel-cell powered vehicle (FCEV). Twenty-nine (29) drivers each took the opportunity to drive on the MIRA track, simulating different duty cycles and reaching speeds of up to 110 km per hour (70 miles per hour). Operators experienced the vehicles’ smooth handling and appreciated the quiet drive.


Drivers were also treated to a vehicle walk-round and under-the-hood viewing of First Hydrogen’s technology. The Company’s partner, Ballard Power Systems, was present alongside First Hydrogen engineers to help attendees understand how the vehicles’ fuel cells work. Participants asked searching questions about the viability of hydrogen mobility, the maturity of hydrogen infrastructure and were presented with a review of Total Costs of Operation (TCO) based on First Hydrogen data collected from vehicles used during recent demo trials with UK fleets. Participants were quick to understand the TCO outlook, the benefits of FCEVs and how they compare alongside other zero emission vehicle technology.


First Hydrogen’s road trials with fleet specialists Rivus and energy company SSE plc have demonstrated the impressive range the vehicles have, with a peak range of more than 630km (390 miles) on a single fuelling achieved during journeys from Aberdeen. The real-world operational trials also showed the minimal effect carrying heavy loads or driving at higher speeds had on vehicle range – crucial attributes for this vehicle class.


Steve Gill, Executive Director Automotive at First Hydrogen, says: 


We’re delighted with the high level of interest we have received from UK fleet operators about our FCEVs and this enthusiasm was clearly present at our first driving experience day.


“By engaging fleets in similar events, we are demonstrating our FCEV’s capabilities to an audience who are on the road to zero emissions and can see a role for First Hydrogen technology in achieving their targets. Their feedback will help us achieve buy-in from fleets, some of whom are likely to become our Development Partners, helping us shape our future business and ultimately becoming customers for our vehicles.”


Stephen Offley, Transport Manager at Wales & West Utilities, comments:


It was fantastic to see a hydrogen vehicle of this weight class in action. We already know that hydrogen power will be essential to meet the critical range, payload and towing capabilities required by public utilities and other users, which cannot be met by battery-electric vans.


“This experience shows that adoption could soon become a reality and will help operators to transition their whole fleets to zero emission technology.”



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