Energy Park Bad Lauchstädt​




In the project Energy Park Bad Lauchstädt the production, transport, storage and economic use of green hydrogen will be realized on an industrial scale in the Central German Chemical Triangle. A large electrolysis plant of up to 30 MW will generate green hydrogen using renewable electricity from a nearby wind farm produced.



The green hydrogen will then be fed into the hydrogen network of the chemical industry based in Central Germany via a converted gas pipeline and used in the future for urban mobility solutions. In a later stage of the project the green hydrogen will be stored in a specially equipped salt cavern. In this way, all aspects of the intelligent and economically optimal integration of the energy carrier green hydrogen - and thus a large-scale demonstration of sector coupling - are covered in the Bad Lauchstädt energy park.



The successful combination of generation, transport, storage, marketing and use of green hydrogen is considered to be a central component of a secure, sustainable and economical energy supply for the future. The Bad Lauchstädt energy park contributes to researching these future technologies and bringing them to market maturity - for a technologically strong and future-oriented hydrogen region and a successful sector coupling in central Germany.



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