Hudong Zhonghua Launches New Ship Types: 40,000 Cubic Meters Liquid Hydrogen Carrier, 88,000 Cubic Meters Liquid Ammonia Carrier, and Ammonia-Powered Container Ship




On 5th December 2023 China International Maritime Exhibition, the world's most influential and largest maritime professional exhibition, opened in Shanghai. As a leading enterprise in domestic LNG vessels and ultra-large container ships, China Shipbuilding Group's subsidiary, Hudong Zhonghua Shipping Group Co., Ltd., showcased 10 high-end ship types and introduced 4 green, low-carbon, high-tech new ship design plans, obtaining "Approval in Principle" (AIP) certificates from four major international authoritative classification societies.




This marks the third batch of new ships introduced by Hudong Zhonghua Shipping Group this year, following the prior launch of 4 new ship types, including the world's largest 271,000 cubic meters LNG carrier. With this, Hudong Zhonghua Shipping Group has introduced 8 new ship types in the year, setting a record for the highest annual new ship type research and development by the enterprise.


During the conference, Hudong Zhonghua unveiled a 174,000 cubic meters LNG carrier equipped with an Onboard Carbon Capture System (OCCS), contributing to low-carbon shipping development with their solution. This ship obtained principle approvals from the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), Lloyd's Register (LR), Det Norske Veritas (DNV), and Bureau Veritas (BV). The vessel maintains a series of advantages typical of fifth-generation LNG carriers, such as high speed, low emissions during navigation, advanced technology, and global versatility. Simultaneously, it integrates a domestically developed Carbon Capture System characterized by high absorption rates, low energy consumption, and compact space, meeting the 2040 Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) emission standards. Developed by the 711 Research Institute, this system achieves an absorption efficiency of over 90% and a CO2 purity of over 99%, enabling personalized designs for various operational plans and CII emission requirements.





40,000 Cubic Meters Liquid Hydrogen Carrier


The 40,000 cubic meters Liquid Hydrogen Carrier obtained principle approvals from the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) and Lloyd's Register (LR). This vessel, the first domestic specialized ship for transporting liquid hydrogen, was entirely self-designed by Hudong Zhonghua Shipping Group Co., Ltd., based on potential international market demands. The vessel measures 210.00 meters in total length, 32.20 meters in width, 20.00 meters in depth, with a designed draught of 7.0 meters, and a designed speed of 15 knots. It features three liquid cargo holds, employing a double-layer vacuum-insulated IMO C-type cargo containment system. The low-temperature liquid phase piping utilizes vacuum-insulated double-walled pipes and operates with a dual-fuel (MDO and hydrogen) electric propulsion system, achieving zero carbon emissions in gas mode.





88,000 Cubic Meters Liquid Ammonia Carrier


The 88,000 cubic meters Liquid Ammonia Carrier obtained principle approvals from the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) and Lloyd's Register (LR). This vessel is the largest liquid ammonia carrier based on a ship width of 32.25 meters, with a total length of 230 meters, width of 32.25 meters, depth of 24 meters, employing an A-type liquid cargo hold with a capacity of 88,000 cubic meters. It operates at speeds greater than 16 knots and has a range of 12,000 nautical miles. The power system uses a fuel/ammonia dual-fuel low-speed engine and generator, both equipped with SCR devices, meeting IMO TIER III requirements in both fuel and ammonia modes, effectively preventing ammonia leakage. Special designs are incorporated into the vessel, including ammonia fuel leak detection, transport pipelines, and supply systems, as well as a water spray absorption system, ensuring the collection of escaped ammonia even in the event of a complete power outage to protect crew members from toxic ammonia exposure.




The 16,000 TEU Ammonia-Powered Container Ship

The 16,000 TEU Ammonia-Powered Container Ship has obtained principle approvals from Det Norske Veritas (DNV) and Bureau Veritas (BV). It has a total length of 367 meters, width of 51 meters, depth of 29.9 meters, and employs a B-type ammonia fuel independent tank configuration with a cargo capacity of approximately 14,000 cubic meters. This vessel is compatible with both MAN and WnGD large-diameter low-speed engines, effectively reducing energy consumption. It can be paired with ALS systems to further enhance its economic efficiency. The ship operates on an ammonia fuel main engine setup and is equipped with SCR, meeting Tier III requirements while achieving zero carbon emissions. It is equipped with a pressurized water spray absorption system that can recover and store escaped ammonia under any condition, including a complete power outage across the entire vessel. The ship features lightweight structure, strong cargo capacity, and excellent comprehensive performance while being environmentally friendly and reliable. This presents a highly competitive new option for the shipping industry. 





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