Mexican electric utility orders $4.5m worth of hydrogen back-up power systems




Mexican state-owned electricity utility – Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) – has ordered an additional $4.5m worth of hydrogen back-up power systems from Israeli-based GenCell.

Following on from the previous delivery and operation of 74 of the company’s systems over the past two years, the additional units will be used for backup power at CFE’s substations.

Furthermore, the latest deal with CFE offers the right to see the number of units ordered doubled within the first six months of 2024.

Included in the order are GenCell’s BOX™ and REX™ systems. The BOX units use hydrogen fuel cells to provide 48V output for long-duration, zero-emission direct current. Primarily designed for communication systems, the unit can run for over 40 hours.

The REX is “tailored” to provide power for utility substations. With 130V of backup power, GenCell says the fuel cell unit can be used as an alternative to batteries while saving footprint.

GenCell will supply the systems and support services to its local Mexican partner, which will deploy and maintain the units.

The company’s co-founder and CEO, Rami Reshef, said the follow-up order was a “significant vote of confidence” in GenCell and its systems.

“Over the past two years, GenCell’s products have been deployed at numerous substations across Mexico, delivering exceptional performance and results,” Reshef said.

“This broadly distributed implementation offers demonstrated proof of GenCell’s tested capability to supply power solutions that are both resilient and long-duration as well as zero-emission.”

Additionally, the GenCell CEO said the deal would make a contribution towards the firm’s expansion in operations with power utilities around the world.

Outside of its back-up power products, GenCell has recently announced progress in the development of its alternative green ammonia production process.

In November (2023), the firm said its lab results indicated faradaic efficiency of 50% for its green ammonia synthesis process – compared to 25% achieved by traditional synthesis methods.

The company’s process synthesises ammonia directly from water and lower temperatures and pressures compared to other processes.



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