Hystar receives funding to support hydrogen electrolyser project




Hystar has been awarded funding to develop its HYSTACK-II project being developed in collaboration with the Norwegian Research Council.

Over NOK 17m ($1.65m) has been awarded to Hystar to further develop its low cost, high efficiency PEM electrolysers stack for the project.

The Norwegian Research Council stated that energy efficiency and flexible use will be “decisive” to succeed in reducing climate emissions.

Hystar’s R&D Engineer, Hamid Zamanizadeh, said, “Hystar already offers a highly efficient and cost-effective electrolyser stack.

“The primary objective of HYSTACK-II is to substantially decrease the CAPEX of Hystar’s electrolyser stack by reducing dependence on expensive catalysts, coatings, and crucial raw materials.”

In October (2023), Hystar announced a series of expansion plans, aiming to set up a 4GW fully automated facility in Norway by 2025 and establishing a new location in North America in 2024, along with a multi-gigawatt factory in 2027.



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