HyET Hydrogen and Baker Hughes Sign Strategic Collaboration Agreement




HyET Hydrogen and Baker Hughes Sign Strategic Collaboration Agreement.


HyET Hydrogen, a leader in cutting-edge hydrogen technology solutions, and Baker Hughes, an energy technology company, are pleased to announce a strategic collaboration agreement in the field of hydrogen compression.


This landmark agreement is the first step in the collaboration between HyET Hydrogen and Baker Hughes, leveraging their respective strengths to drive innovation and advance industry standards. The collaboration aims to combine HyET’s innovative technology for electrochemical hydrogen compression with Baker Hughes’ proven compression technology – including engineering, R&D and manufacturing know-how across a variety of pressure applications, to grow and accelerate the hydrogen market.


Abo Rassa (HyET Hydrogen CEO) HyET Hydrogen expresses its enthusiasm about the collaboration and the potential impact on the industry remarked: 


This collaboration represents a significant step towards advancing technology and innovation. By combining our technological prowess with Baker Hughes’ manufacturing excellence, we are poised to redefine hydrogen processing.


The agreement signifies a commitment to driving technological advancements, fostering innovation, and delivering unparalleled value to customers. Both companies are confident that this collaboration will not only strengthen their position in the market but also contribute to the evolution of the hydrogen industry as a whole.



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