Hazer Group – CDP Reactor Successfully Commissioned Paving Way For First Hydrogen Early Q1 2024




Hazer Group – CDP Reactor Successfully Commissioned Paving Way For First Hydrogen Early Q1 2024.


Hazer Group Ltd (“Hazer” or “the Company”) (ASX: HZR) is pleased to announce that the reactor has been successfully hot commissioned and the Company’s Commercial Demonstration Plant (“CDP”) is being prepared for operational start-up and hydrogen production. The CDP is a world-first commercial demonstration of Hazer’s technology, converting natural gas into clean, low -cost hydrogen and solid graphite using iron-ore as a process catalyst.


The successful commissioning of the reactor and furnace equipment to full operating conditions is a significant milestone that de-risks plant start-up by providing confidence in the equipment selection for demonstration at commercial scale. With the balance of plant already successfully commissioned, the schedule is progressing exceptionally well.


As previously announced (21 November 2023), the CDP will use the planned shutdown over Christmas/New Year to cool the reactor and allow the first solids charge to be installed in the vessel. Final instrumentation checks will be also performed to prepare the plant for the safe introduction of feed gas targeted during January 2024. The plant will then be phased into start-up with subsequent production of hydrogen and graphite early Q1/2024 followed by continuous operation to occur through Q1/Q2 CY2024. Details of the CDP performance testing program will be provided following start-up with data from the program to be leveraged into Hazer’s global commercial project portfolio.


Glenn Corrie, Hazer’s MD & CEO, said:


We are pleased to successfully reach the key milestone of commissioning our reactor to operating conditions and passing a major hurdle in demonstration of our innovative technology.


“The reactor is at the core of delivering our process technology and having it now ready for operation is a significant de-risking event for our CDP and technology commercialisation strategy. I look forward to providing an update that first production of hydrogen and Hazer graphite has been achieved and more importantly providing the results of our test program to validate commercial readiness”.


This announcement is authorised for release by the Board of the Company.



  • Reactor successfully commissioned to full operating temperature and pressure
  • CDP ready to receive feed gas with first hydrogen production targeted for early Q1 CY2024
  • CDP performance test program building towards continuous operation in H1 CY2024



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