Hanwha Successfully Operates Gas Turbine with 100% Hydrogen




Hanwha Successfully Operates Gas Turbine with 100% Hydrogen.


Hanwha group companies have successfully operated a medium-to-large-scale gas turbine solely on 100% hydrogen fuel, based on their world-class technology. Hanwha Impact and Hanwha Power Systems announced on Dec. 20 that they have demonstrated full hydrogen combustion by increasing the hydrogen mixing ratio in an 80 MW medium-to-large gas turbine from 60% to 100%.


Earlier in April 2023, Hanwha Impact and Hanwha Power Systems, in collaboration with Korea Western Power, had successfully demonstrated 60% hydrogen blending in the same 80 MW class gas turbine – a world first. “Hydrogen blending power generation” involves modifying existing gas turbines, which use LNG to generate electricity, to burn a mix of LNG and hydrogen. When the ratio of hydrogen is increased to 100%, eliminating LNG, it is terminated “full hydrogen combustion.”


Hanwha’s technological prowess in this field enabled this successful demonstration. During the 60% hydrogen turbine power generation test in April, carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions were reduced by 22% compared to LNG power generation, and nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions were confirmed to be below 6 ppm. Although the high flame temperature of hydrogen fuel tends to produce more nitrogen oxides compared to 100% LNG power generation, Hanwha’s hydrogen turbine power generation achieved carbon reduction effects and low-pollution combustion by controlling combustion conditions even without separate reduction devices.


This test marks a significant step towards carbon-free and low-emission power generation. The CO2 concentration in the emissions during the turbine operation was 0.04%, with the combustion process producing virtually zero carbon dioxide. Nitrogen oxide emissions were confirmed to be below 9ppm without any additional reduction devices.


Hanwha’s hydrogen turbine technology is expected to play a significant environmental and economic role by extending the life of aging turbines in existing power facilities. Applying this life extension technology to LNG gas turbines facing obsolescence can potentially double the economic benefits.



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