Kapuni Green Hydrogen Project Receives Green Light with Significant Emission Reductions for Aotearoa




Kapuni Green Hydrogen project receives green light with significant emission reductions for Aotearoa.


The Court of Appeal has dismissed action opposing the consent of Hiringa Energy and Ballance Agri-Nutrients’ Kapuni Green Hydrogen Project – which will remove the equivalent emissions of up to 30,000 cars cars per annum.


Hiringa Energy Chair Cathy Clennett says that the Court of Appeal decision was a tremendous relief and looks forward to continuing to work together with local iwi, hapu, and the community to deliver the regional benefits of a low-emissions future for both electricity generation and cleaner vehicle fuel.


Cathy Clennett, Hiringa Energy Chair said:


Hiringa is dedicated to building green hydrogen production and infrastructure to displace fossil fuels in transport and industrial feedstock.


“We are a growing Taranaki-based start-up, and considerable emissions-reduction initiatives such as this put the wider spotlight on the innovation achievable in our region,” says Clennett.


“This wind generation capacity of up to 24 MW will supply renewable electricity directly to the project which will power an electrolyser to produce industrial scale green hydrogen to be used both as feedstock into the Ballance plant to reduce the plant’s environmental footprint, and as a zero-emission transport fuel.”


“Further investment into the New Zealand hydrogen market is evidenced by the significant private and public sector investment in Hiringa Energy’s high-capacity refuelling network together with TR Group’s corresponding commitment to the introduction of a fleet of heavy hydrogen trucks.”


“Looking ahead the growth potential is material with industry leaders like Ballance desiring decarbonisation of their assets, and now yesterday’s Court of Appeal decision underscoring the original government decision to ‘fast-track’ the Kapuni project’s required consent and invest $20 million,” says Clennett.


Ballance’s Chief Executive Kelvin Wickham welcomed today’s decision, saying that this project, to commence green hydrogen as a new fuel source for Taranaki and New Zealand to help tackle New Zealand’s industry and transport emissions, is a significant milestone.


Kelvin Wickham, Ballance’s Chief Executive said:


In partnership with Hiringa, the Kapuni project can now move forward with our goal of beginning to produce green hydrogen as soon as possible.


“With the number of green hydrogen fleets set to climb over the next few years to help meet emission reduction targets, the clean fuel has already proven to be a key resource for the future. The Kapuni project will provide a lower carbon footprint for New Zealand farmers and growers, as well as supplying green hydrogen for Hiringa Energy’s heavy vehicle hydrogen refuelling network”.



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